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Opt out from the following AI sites and services:

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It's your data, should you control it?

Why should I care

In the age of AI, your personal data has never been more at risk.

Your private data, user-generated content, and personal information are being harvested by companies, governments, and malicious actors to train AI models.
These can threaten the security of your digital footprint, primarily due to AI’s advanced capabilities in processing, analyzing, and interpreting your personal information.

An alarming number of sites, services, and companies have defaulted to enabling your data for these AI training models and harvesters. That means even if you did not elect to have your data used by AI, chances are it is!

What threats does AI pose?

AI-powered systems may compromise your privacy by accessing, collecting, and storing your personal data without your explicit consent. This can include location data, communication patterns, and even biometric data images or videos.
AI is extremely adept at predicting your behavior, preferences, and even future actions based on historical data. While this is typically used for targeted advertising, it has now raised concerns about manipulation and exploitation by malicious actors.
Creatives spend their blood, sweat, and tears creating and sharing their work online. Many of these platforms where users post have started using their content to train their AI models, which the AI can then use to create content in the same style as the artist.
AI algorithms can aggregate and analyze massive amounts of data from various sources, including social media, browsing history, and more. This can lead to highly detailed records of individuals, potentially becoming available for malicious actors to access.

What can i do to protect myself from AI

Many sites support (due to regulations) an opt-out page where you can elect to have your data removed from the training and harvesting of data from the AI models. Click the "Get Started" button, and a guide will populate for the services or site listed.

A way to delete your digital footprint

Cleaning up your social networks can be a hassle, Redact makes it easy to cleanup, delete and refresh your social networks in one place.

Deletion for social networks

Continuing to expand our service reach, supporting deletion for social media applications

Deleting various content

Delete content like images, post, comments, follows and likes.

Scheduled deletion

Specify what content to delete and set a recurring schedule for it for less hassle.
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