Mass Delete Reddit Comments, Posts, & Chats

Want to quickly remove old Reddit posts, comments, or private messages in bulk? The Redact software is a versatile and powerful privacy app that turns managing your Reddit account history into a breeze. Easily mass edit or mass remove old PMs, posts, comments, and chats. Don't leave your old offensive memes out there on the internet for your new friend circle, family, or employer to accidentally discover.

Remove Reddit Posts & Comments

Manually sorting through your vast post and comment history on Reddit can be a ridiculously tall task. The average Redditor generates a lot of content during the calendar year. It doesn't take long before that content piles up to the point you can no longer remember what you submitted, where you submitted it, or what kind of off-the-cuff-comments you made. Here's the issue, all those posts are just sitting out there waiting to be discovered by friends, family, significant others, bosses, college admin, and other people in your life that would be disappointed by some of your meme shenanigans. While the internet has its own culture, which is much different than what the "real world" finds acceptable, you know as well as I that normies just don't understand it.

Enter Redact, a very powerful app that allows users to search your Reddit history and identify content that could be considered problematic, quickly and easily. Search by keywords, dates, specific subreddits, post titles, comments, or post bodies, and more. Here's the best part, you can choose to mass delete posts at once, or delete line by line as you see fit. When you download Redact, the power is in your hands. Take back control of your social media history and start Redacting!
Remove Reddit Posts & Comments

Bulk Remove Posts & Comments in Multiple Subreddits

For long-time Reddit users, it's pretty common to accumulate a variety of Subreddit memberships. While most are innocuous and fun, some might raise eyebrows from your friends and family. The Redact Software simplifies managing your Reddit post and comment history. With Redact, you have the power to pinpoint specific subreddits for the app to scour. Whether you're looking to clean up multiple subreddits simultaneously or tackle them individually, Redact offers the flexibility you need. Simply add subreddits to your deletion list in the app, and the software will take care of the rest. If you need to remove a subreddit from this list, just click the “x” next to its name. For a complete reset, the 'clear all' button quickly wipes your entire selection, and starts over.
Bulk Remove Posts & Comments in Multiple Subreddits

Delete by Date Range

The Redact Software offers a unique and tailored approach to managing your Reddit history, ensuring your past posts and comments don't overshadow your present life. With our intuitive date selection feature, you can easily navigate through your Reddit account history and make bulk deletions or go through your posts and comments one by one, deciding what stays and what gets deleted.

Customize your Reddit deletion with precise date filters. Choose a start date to delete posts made after a specific time, or an end date to remove posts before a certain date. Accessing this feature is simple – just click the calendar icon within the app. The calendar defaults to the current date, but adjusting it is super straightforward. Select a month from the dropdown menu or a year with a double click on the title. Alternatively, use the arrows to navigate between adjacent months. Once you've chosen the desired month and year, selecting the day will finalize your choice. If you need to start over, the 'reset' option in red text is there for a fresh beginning.

Don't let your old, impulsive Reddit comments or posts cause anxiety for you. Download the Redact App and try it for free. Take control of your Reddit content with ease and precision.
Delete by Date Range

Delete According to Post or Comment Body

Remember those goofy phrases and inside jokes unique to the internet culture that seemed really funny at the time? The online is filled with memes and comments that might leave the normies outside of internet culture scratching their heads. Redditors are no different, it’s not uncommon to have a trail of posts or comments that might raise an eyebrow or two among friends, family, or even employers. Don't let your past shenanigans become a concern in your current social circle.

Redact is here to help you navigate your Reddit footprint with ease. Our powerful privacy app allows you to input one or multiple keywords to search your entire Reddit post and comment history. It swiftly locates comments you've made or interacted with that contain said keywords. You’re then given the option to either mass delete these comments or manually go through each comment and posts, deciding individually what stays and what's deleted.

Once you download Redact, simply input a phrase or a set of words, and let the app work its magic. It delves into the body of your posts and comments, hunting for the offensive and problematic words. This feature is super handy if you're looking to eliminate specific content and memes from your Reddit history.

Redact is the perfect app for bulk removing comments and posts from Reddit – a simple, effective solution to ensure your digital footprint from years prior doesn’t clash with your present life. Download and test Redact today for free and take the reins of your online narrative.
Delete According to Post or Comment Body

Mass Delete Reddit Posts by Title Content

Concerned about your old Reddit posts that might not align with your current circle of friends or could potentially catch the attention of employers, ex-partners, or characters? It's totally natural to have a few digital skeletons in your closet - after all, who hasn't posted something they later regretted? However, we all deserve a chance to start fresh. Redact is your key to that second chance, empowering you to clean up your post history with ease before someone in your life accidentally stumbles upon it.

With Redact, you can easily search and delete old Reddit posts by specific keywords in the title. Simply input a word or phrase, and Redact will comb through your Reddit post history for matches. It's particularly useful for filtering out content that might be deemed inappropriate or not safe for work. For example, maybe you want to remove all your "NSFW" tagged posts in bulk from your past, Redact is perfectly equipped for the task.

The app efficiently searches, locates, and deletes in bulk any post that might not reflect who you are today. You can also choose to remove said posts one at a time with our select and delete mode. Don't let past online mistakes impact your present or future life. Download Redact and take control of your digital narrative today.
Mass Delete Reddit Posts by Title Content

Filter Post Types for Pinpoint Deleting

Looking to take control your Reddit history and remove posts that no longer represent you? Whether it's those embarrassing r/AskReddit threads or image posts in face-rating subreddits, your past online activities shouldn't overshadow your present. It's time to regain control and ensure your Reddit history aligns with who you are today, without the worry of friends or co-workers stumbling upon old posts.

Redact Software is here to help you target and delete specific types of Reddit posts. Whether they are link posts or text posts, or even a mix of both, Redact gives you the power to selectively clean up your digital footprint.

Say goodbye to those old, embarrassing posts with just a few clicks. Download a trial copy of Redact today and experience the freedom of reshaping your Reddit presence. Get your Redact on and start fresh!
Filter Post Types for Pinpoint Deleting

Mass Edit Reddit Posts Before Deletion

Navigating the complex world of online content removal can be tricky. When you delete something from Reddit or the internet in general, it's not always gone for good. Various archive sites and third-party services can keep a copy of your content alive, long after you've hit the delete button. But with Redact's powerful features, you have a smarter way to ensure your digital past doesn't linger.

Redact offers a cool feature that goes way beyond simply mass deleting your posts. It enables you to actually edit the content of your deleted posts to display the message 'Removed with'. This added layer of protection ensures that even if third-party services or indexing sites try to access your deleted content, they'll only find this trusty placeholder message, instead of the original text.

This means you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your deleted Reddit posts are truly out of sight and won’t come back to haunt you in the future. Download Redact and go on the offensive towards controlling your digital footprint on Reddit and other social media websites as well. With Redact, you're not just deleting; you're securely erasing your online history and all the embarrassing baggage that comes with it.
Mass Edit Reddit Posts Before Deletion

Delete Your Entire Reddit History

If you ever find yourself overwhelmed by a slew of embarrassing or goofy Reddit posts and think that a nice clean slate is the best course of action, Redact offers just that. Initially designed as a bulk content removal tool, Redact has evolved to include features for precise deletion but remains, at its heart, a workhouse for mass content removal.

With the Redact App, starting anew on Reddit is straightforward and efficient. If you decide that deleting your entire Reddit comment and post history is the best option, Redact tools simplifies and streamlines this process. Bypass the need for detailed forms and head straight into deletion mode located at the bottom of the app. With just a click on 'start deleting', you can erase your Reddit history entirely. It’s a clean and hassle-free alternative to creating a new account.

However, please note that this mass deletion action is irreversible. Once you delete your content, there's no going back. This feature is ideal if you're looking to keep your current Reddit account and username but want a fresh start in terms of your content history. Use Redact for a comprehensive content clean-up and enjoy the benefits of a fresh online presence.
Delete Your Entire Reddit History

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