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Mass delete Discord messages

Mass cleanse your Discord history with Redact's highly customizable settings!

Mass Delete Discord Messages

Redact allows you to delete multiple messages on discord with a powerful, intuitive set of tools. Whether you want to target specific messages for removal, or clear your Discord history to the beginning of time, Redact is here just for you.

We won’t force you to wipe everything away for all time; we allow you to safeguard your cherished messages by archiving them locally on your device. Additionally, you can fine-tune the process to your exact preferences, pinpointing and removing messages as specific as those containing particular keywords sent from March 2020 to September 2021.

Moreover, there's no need to fret about an overeager selection criterion. Redact gives you the ability to run your settings dry. That way, you can see which messages will get removed before confirming the deletion. Plus, you have the ability to selectively exclude individual messages from the batch, giving you the kind of control and precision you can’t get anywhere else.
Mass Delete Discord Messages

Delete by date range

Redact gives you complete control over what timeframe to include or disclude when you mass delete discord messages. Not only are you able to choose dates to start looking after, and dates to only look before, but everything in between. You can specify individual months, weeks, or years - whatever you feel most comfortable with and whatever works best for your circumstances.

All of this functionality is paralleled inside of our relative date functionality, giving you a more human perspective on the same time frames. For example, you can delete everything “older than two weeks,” or “between 2 and 3 years old.” This gives you less precise but more intuitive insight into what’s being deleted according to the timeframe that works best for you.
Delete by date range

Specific Message Types

With Redact, you don’t need to obliterate all your discord activity with reckless abandon. Beyond limiting the scope to a confined timeframe, we allow you to focus on only specific types of content. For instance, you can choose to delete every file you’ve uploaded, every sticker you’ve posted, every sound you’ve sent, etc..

Of course, you can be as efficient as you need to be. We don’t force you to have to select one message type at a go. You can add as many subtypes to your batches as you need, so you can quickly and easily get the job done without over-removing without realizing it.
Specific Message Types

Delete by Keyword

Our content discrimination isn’t just limited to message types, you can choose specific kinds of content you want Redact to select for. For example, if you had a political phase on that one discord server back in 2020, you can tell Redact to delete any post with political content, and it’ll be taken care of.

Just like with message types, you can feed as few or as many content types to Redact as you need for your purposes; pinpoint precision, total indiscriminate destruction, or something in between.
Delete by Keyword

Mass Delete Discord DMs

Of course, we don’t limit what you can clean up to just messages you’ve sent in servers; Redact also offers a comprehensive discord DM deleter. Just as powerful and full-featured as deleting from messages, deleting all discord messages in DMs with Redact comes in two basic flavors; you can delete all your discord messages with one specific user in DMs, or you can wipe out everything from everybody.

All of our intuitive date and time selection tools work just as well. If you want to wipe your records of what you sent to everybody you talked to on September 12, 2023, you can do just that!
Mass Delete Discord DMs

Delete Discord history

Experience the power of Redact, your all-in-one Discord content management solution. Easily delete messages using specific keywords, date ranges, and hashtags, or ignore all of those things to start completely fresh. To hang on to all those years of memories, archive everything locally before saying goodbye. Clean up more than just your posts, but your DMs as well.

With Redact, tailor your online presence to exactly the you that you want everybody to see, nothing more, nothing less.
Delete Discord history

Start cleaning your Discord account easily.


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Choose the method of deletion

Redact offer a wide range of rule options, specifying what content and where to find it. There are multiple methods of deletions also such as:

Preview Mode: For just viewing the potential deletion items based on the form

Deletion Mode: Where you want to get straight in deleting content

Select and Delete: Where you pick what items to be deleted by batches of 10.


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