Delete your Messages, Posts, DMs, and more

Redact lets you programatically delete your content from most major services. Bulk delete everything or set specific rules to follow based on data, keyword or more.

Wipe all your content with a few clicks

Redact can automatically clean up all your posts, tweets, messages or DM's while you sit back and relax. Bulk delete everything or only remove certain messages. Its up to you!

Delete from 40+ services
Delete your old data from all of your most-used services, including Discord, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and more!
Delete all types of content
Delete your posts, DMs, photos, videos, likes, and other unique content in other services.
Scheduled Deletion
Schedule to delete your old posts every 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, or whatever cadence you prefer.
Smart Deletion
Delete by key word, sentiment, content type, and more!
Scheduled Deletion

Scheduled deletion, preview, deletion or complete wipe modes.

You have the option to create a set of rules before deletion, look over what's getting targeted before you remove it, create a schedule of when you want it gone, or even go for the nuclear option and delete everything immediately.

Specify rules of deletion

Tailor your deletion to specific dates, categories and more.

Complete Deletion

Wipe out everything.

Scheduled Deletion

Pick the time and date for removal

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Make sure nothing is getting caught in the crossfire.
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