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Redact pro
Social media management for your business or organization

Why do Businesses use Redact?

The only service that enables your organization to privately and securely automate content deletion from platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Discord, and more - all in one place

How does Redact Pro work?


List all social accounts

1. List all social accounts

Gather the logins of accounts you want to moderate and issue licenses to team members.

Download Redact Pro App

2. Download Redact Pro App

Get the Redact Pro App to get started.

Connect all social accounts

3. Connect all social accounts

Connect the accounts with the Redact Pro app, across any of supported platform.

Deletion method

4. Deletion method

Choose from a series of review and deletion methods.

Presets and automation

5. Presets and automation

Save deletion form presets & schedule automated deletion.


My organization deals with sensitive information. Is using Redact secure?
What features are included for each platform?
Can my employees use this service?
Is there anything Redact Pro cannot delete?
My organization wants a feature that is not yet included.


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