Mass Delete Facebook Content

Redact allows you to mass delete Facebook comments, posts, tags, pictures, videos, or files that have been posted on your wall. In addition, you are also able to mass delete friends and mass delete likes all at one time. With the Redact App you have complete control over your Facebook history. Don't let embarrassing content from your past be discovered by friends or co-workers, download Redact today.

Mass Delete Facebook Posts

Redact allows you to mass delete all Facebook posts with impunity - there can be nowhere to hide. Whether you want to only remove a small number of your posts from back in 2012, or you want to completely start over from fresh while maintaining all your contacts, Redact gives you the weapons to get the job done quickly and easily.

We care about providing you with an unparalleled level of control over your online presence just as much as you need it, that’s why we make sure you don’t have to worry about accidentally deleting any of your most precious posts. In addition to allowing you to preview everything that’s being targeted by your selection settings, Redact also allows you to archive your posts locally on your own device for your enjoyment for years to come.
Mass Delete Facebook Posts

Delete Facebook Content by Date Range

Redact gives you complete control over what timeframe to include or disinclude when you mass delete your Facebook posts. Not only are you able to choose dates to start looking after, and dates to only look before, but everything in between. You can specify individual months, weeks, or years - whatever you feel most comfortable with and whatever works best for your circumstances.

All of this functionality is paralleled inside of our relative date functionality, giving you a more human perspective on the same time frames. For example, you can delete everything “older than two weeks,” or “between 2 and 3 years old.” This gives you less precise but more intuitive insight into what’s being deleted according to the timeframe that works best for you.
Delete Facebook Content by Date Range

Delete all Comments on Facebook

We know just as well as you do that some Facebook posts are better left forgotten, and nobody wants a ticking time bomb waiting to explode in their face. That is why the Redact App lets you bulk delete Facebook posts, comments, and likes with a powerful and robust set of criteria. You can also choose to delete one by one; you have complete flexibility and control with a wide assortment of targeting options.

Some of the options include things like whose wall it was posted on, whether it was a comment or not, whether it contained images or videos, and much more. If you want to be even more specific than that, you can select specific words or phrases to target in your search.

All this combines together to be as specific as “remove every comment I left on Peter’s wall using the word Sarah from October 21, 2014 to January 6th, 2016,” to as all-encompassing as simply deleting all Facebook posts all at once. Redact is that powerful.

Moreover, all of these selection criteria are applicable to fundamentally different types of content. If you want to take control over all your past likes using the same depth and precision as we give you with posts, no sweat - we can do just that.
Delete all Comments on Facebook

Delete all Photos & Videos on Facebook

More than just Comments, Redact allows you to mass delete all types of content from your wall, pictures and videos included! No longer must you cower in fear from those awkward group pictures somehow resurfacing with your current friend group, you can make sure they stay buried in history for all time.

Delete all Facebook Likes at Once

Redact gives you direct power over your likes on Facebook. We allow you to fine tune exactly what people know you’re interested in. Additionally, you can keep everybody guessing with regular, scheduled like deletions every week. Nobody can call you out for your hidden anime fandom if the evidence is removed every day.

Remove all Friends on Facebook Fast

If you’ve had your Facebook for ten or twenty years, you may have gathered a lot of friends on the site that you don’t want to be associated with anymore. Maybe you have a lot of connections with people who all lost their minds, maybe you’ve even completely forgotten who they are. Whatever the case, starting may just be the best move.

With Redact, you can mass remove all your Facebook friends at once! You never have to suffer the idlings of people you sort of knew in college back in 2010 again - start fresh with just the people who matter most with Redact.

Delete All of Your Facebook History

Redact is your ultimate solution to take charge of your Facebook history with complete ease and confidence. With Redact, you gain unmatched control over your digital footprint, allowing you to target posts precisely, or otherwise be completely indiscriminate.

Before mass removing your Facebook posts, comments, pics, and videos, we make sure you won’t accidentally catch innocents in the crossfire by giving you a preview. Additionally, we allow you to schedule regular deletions are whatever interval works best for you.

Take back control of your Facebook account with Redact, and never worry again about what the you from 10 years ago might get the you today in trouble for.
Delete All of Your Facebook History

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Redact offer a wide range of rule options, specifying what content and where to find it. There are multiple methods of deletions also such as:

Preview Mode: For just viewing the potential deletion items based on the form

Deletion Mode: Where you want to get straight in deleting content

Select and Delete: Where you pick what items to be deleted by batches of 10.


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