Mass Delete Steam Comments

Mass Delete your Steam comments using the Redact privacy app. Want to search the Steam Platform for all the comments ever made to your profile or even on other people's profiles? The Redact App allows you to do just that. Who knows what type of ridiculous gamer memes you were dropping on profile comments back in 2006. Don't risk family or friends finding them, or even worse your employer. Find and remove your past steam comments in bulk. You can target comments for deletion by date range or keywords.

Delete Steam Comment History

Redact can search and remove comments in mass. Not just from your profile, but other people's profiles, too. No matter where the comments were made, Redact can search and identify potentially offensive content you made in the past and automatically remove it. If you want to search and delete the comments you made on other Steam profiles, set this box to disabled. Download Redact today and start cleaning up that comment history before "cancel culture" finds it and makes your life hell.
Delete Steam Comment History

Delete Steam Activity by Date Range

Want to clean up just your old Steam comments from back when you were looser with your words? Want to find and remove Steam comments from a certain time period when you were going through a silly adolescent phase? Whatever the reason, Redact can target comment history by day, week, month, year, or some combination thereof. Choose to remove Steam comments either after a specified start date or before a given end date. To tailor your selection, simply click on the month label to pick a particular month, and on the year label to choose a specific year. If you need to start over or adjust your selection, just click the red 'Reset' text, and it will revert the date value for that particular field to its default setting.
Delete Steam Activity by Date Range

Delete or Preserve Steam Comments By Keyword(s)

Was there a certain meme or word you remember using back in the day? A lot of the stuff gamers said 10 years ago, as an obvious joke at the time, no longer flies within the court of public opinion. Don't let your school dean, boss, friends, or family stumble across some raunchy comment you made on your buddy's profile in 2013. Redact can search across your entire steam history looking for problematic keywords on your profile comments, or your friends’ profiles, and eliminate them in bulk. Redact quickly locates, deletes, or excludes your comments based on the keywords you provide. Simply add your keywords into the field and click the 'Add' button to include them. If you wish to remove any keyword, just click the “x” adjacent to it. For a complete reset of your keyword list, use the 'Clear All' button.
Delete or Preserve Steam Comments By Keyword(s)

Target or Whitelist Steam Comments Based on Steam Usernames

Want to target specific individuals in your steam past for removal? Maybe an old clan or gaming group? Redact can target by username, or whitelist by username. This gives you total control over which comments will be kept and removed. Enter your chosen Steam username in the input field, and click the add button to add it. To remove a name, just click the “x” that is in line with the username. To clear all Steam usernames, click the clear all button.
Target or Whitelist Steam Comments Based on Steam Usernames

Mass Delete Your Entire Steam Comment History

Want to mass delete your entire comment history on Steam? Redact's most powerful tool is the bulk deletion option. This option, when selected, will completely delete any and all comments you've ever made on your own profile or other people's profiles. To begin mass deleting your Steam comments, simply skip all of the options settings and go straight to deletion mode, and click start deleting. We highly recommend using the preview mode first so you can get a glimpse of what you're about to remove. We would hate to see you remove any Steam memories that you didn't actually want to be deleted. Because once you press that deletion mode button, there is no recovering the content. So please, use with caution! Download Redact today, our software is free to test out.
Mass Delete Your Entire Steam Comment History

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Redact offer a wide range of rule options, specifying what content and where to find it. There are multiple methods of deletions also such as:

Preview Mode: For just viewing the potential deletion items based on the form

Deletion Mode: Where you want to get straight in deleting content

Select and Delete: Where you pick what items to be deleted by batches of 10.


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