Mass Delete LinkedIn Messages & Posts

Mass delete your LinkedIn messages & posts! Want to remove a bunch of old LinkedIn messages with people from years ago? Perhaps you made 100's of politically charged posts back during the 2016 election cycle and you need to get rid of them all at once. Whatever the situation, the Redact App allows you to delete multiple posts or DMs from LinkedIn with the ease of a couple mouse clicks.

Remove Multiple LinkedIn Messages or Posts at One Time

Redact gives you the ability to delete past conversations and posts easily on your LinkedIn account. Have some racy private messages with an old contact from years ago that gives you anxiety? Delete it! Maybe you have tons of messages with 100's of different people, you can mass delete LinkedIn direct messages all at once using Redact. Why waste the time manually deleting one message after another, take them all out with ease.
Remove Multiple LinkedIn Messages or Posts at One Time

Delete LinkedIn content by date range

One of the ways you can delete your LinkedIn history is by using our date tool. This date tool allows you to narrow down specific dates or date ranges to target for deletion. As I mentioned earlier on this page, maybe you made a bunch of politically charged posts during the 2016 election era and now you need to get rid of them ASAP. You know that super-upscale corporate job you're going after wont accept this type of online behavior from their employees, or future employees, and you need to delete 100's of posts quickly. Redact is the tool you're looking for. Download it today for free and give it a spin.
Delete LinkedIn content by date range

Mass Delete Your LinkedIn Account History

Maybe you'd feel better if you just deleted your entire account history at once, why risk it? DMs, posts, all of it needs to go. Redact was specifically designed for this scenario. Deleting your LinkedIn history is very easy. To delete everything on your LinkedIn account, just skip the date box, go straight to deletion mode, preview mode, or pick and choose mode. Preview mode is the dry run of deletion mode, it allows you to take a peek at what you're about to delete before actually deleting the content. Pick and choose mode allows you to see all your LinkedIn posts and messages on a single screen and easily pick and choose what to keep or get rid of.
Mass Delete Your LinkedIn Account History

Start cleaning your LinkedIn account easily.


Sign in to Redact's LinkedIn service

Redact is available on PC, Mac, Linux, and the Google and iOS app stores. Install and you're good to go. (some services may be unavailable on mobile devices)


Choose the method of deletion

Redact offer a wide range of rule options, specifying what content and where to find it. There are multiple methods of deletions also such as:

Preview Mode: For just viewing the potential deletion items based on the form

Deletion Mode: Where you want to get straight in deleting content

Select and Delete: Where you pick what items to be deleted by batches of 10.


Watch your content deletion in real time

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