Mass Delete Bumble Matches

Mass delete your matches on Bumble. Redact gives users the ability to control their content on the Bumble Platform. Mass unmatches, remove genders, delete match activity, or even delete your entire Bumble history at once. The Redact App is free to download and test, give it a try!

Delete by Type of Content in Bumble

Specify what content you want to be deleted. You're able to choose from various options, such as: matches with a conversation, matches in your match queue, and matches in your Beeline. You can choose one option, or all three options at once for a mass removal. Redact allows you to take complete control over your Bumble account and content.
Delete by Type of Content in Bumble

Delete by Gender in Bumble

Specify what genders to be deleted in Bumble. You can choose between male, female, or non-binary.
Delete by Gender in Bumble

Delete Your Bumble Match Activity History

Want to start over in Bumble or remove any trace of ever using the site? Deletion mode is what you need. To delete all Bumble match history in your account, choose the deletion mode to permanently delete, and then click start deleting. Users need to be aware that deletion is irreversible. We only recommend using deletion mode if you want to have a totally fresh match pool in your Bumble account. For less dramatic removal options, try preview mode or select and delete mode.
Delete Your Bumble Match Activity History

Delete Your Entire Bumble Account History

To completely wipe your Bumble account and delete everything from the site, just skip all the form options and go straight to deletion mode near the bottom of our app. As stated before, we must advise everyone to use some caution with deletion mode as it is fully irreversible.
Delete Your Entire Bumble Account History

Start cleaning your Bumble account easily.


Sign in to Redact's Bumble service

Redact is available on PC, Mac, Linux, and the Google and iOS app stores. Install and you're good to go. (some services may be unavailable on mobile devices)


Choose the method of deletion

Redact offer a wide range of rule options, specifying what content and where to find it. There are multiple methods of deletions also such as:

Preview Mode: For just viewing the potential deletion items based on the form

Deletion Mode: Where you want to get straight in deleting content

Select and Delete: Where you pick what items to be deleted by batches of 10.


Watch your content deletion in real time

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