Curious how much you spend on Amazon?
Check out Usko, the latest product from the Redact team.
Curious how much you spend on Amazon? Get shopping analytics while maintaining your privacy from Usko, the latest product from the Redact team.
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Ask Our Kittens

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Redact. Our bookkeeping cat has got you covered.
How secure is this? Can you see my password?
Does Facebook/Reddit/Twitter store all my data even if I delete it?
Will anybody know that I have Redact installed? Or that I used Redact to delete my messages?
Is there a way for you to help recover my data after I delete it?
Why don't you support anything made by Google or Apple?
Are updates downloaded and installed automatically?
If I find and report a bug, who should I tell, and how quickly will it be fixed?
Can you please add support for website/service/etc?
Can I get banned from a service for using this?
I have a question about a specific feature!
What user metrics and error data are you logging during the beta?
How long will it take to delete all my messages?
Is Redact free?
How do you make money if the product is free?
Is Redact open source?
What if my question isn't answered here?

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