How to remove all your Facebook Pictures at once.

Looking for a tool to remove every photo from your Facebook Account? We have what you need right here. Redact is an app that works with not only Facebook, but all major social media websites and services.

The Redact Facebook Tool allows you to seek out and destroy images, links, videos, posts, comments, and more. You can choose to remove specific types of media and you can also choose where to remove the media from.

What to delete all the pictures you’ve ever upload to your Facebook Profile? Done. What to delete only videos that you posted to Facebook Groups? Easy. Want to delete every picture you posted on your timeline between June 2022 and June 2023? Piece of cake.

Redact is a versatile and powerful content management tool you can use to control your content across many social media websites.

Here’s how to remove all the FB Pictures on your account

First things first, go grab the Redact FB Tool if you haven’t already. It’s free to download and test. If it does what you need it to do, you can grab the premium version. If not, no loss on your part.

After you download and install the software, load it and click on the Facebook label on the left side screen. You will then be prompted to login to Facebook. After you login, your screen will look like the image below.

Now as the title says, this blog post is about removing all of your images on Facebook, nothing else. So, while our app can do a lot of different things, we will focus only on removing your pictures in this post.

You will be presented with many filtering options on the Facebook Settings page, we only want to focus on a few of them.

Step #1

The first option we need to check is the date picker. This tells the app what dates to find pictures from. Since you’re trying to bulk delete all of your images, we want that setting to look exactly like the image below. You should have those 3 boxes you see below highlighted.

Step #2

The second setting we need to focus on is the post type. This setting tells Redact where to look for the content you want removed. In this case, that would be our posts. You settings should look like the image below.

Step #3

Our next task is to tell the app the location to look for the images. Since we are searching for our own images, we want to only search on our timeline. Select “My Timeline” from the boxes, leaving the rest unchecked.

Step #4

Our 4th step will tell the app what type of attachments we need to find and remove. Obviously in this case, we are deleting pictures. So we will want to uncheck all of the options except for “images”.

Step #5

If you’ve entered your settings correctly, you should be able to enter into “preview” mode and see a long list of your Facebook Pictures from your entire account history.

When you select preview mode, you should see search results that display all of your FB Pics.

Now, scroll through the results and make sure you want to delete these pictures. There is no going back once you begin the deleting process.

FYI – You can download a full copy of all your Facebook Data (pictures included) by visiting this link. That way, you don’t lose the pictures forever.

Step #6

Assuming you like what you see in your preview mode above, it’s time to do the actual deed. All you have to do now is highlight “Deletion Mode” and press that little start deleting button. That’s it, that’s how you remove all of your pictures off Facebook in an automated manner. No need to manually delete one by one, let Redact do the work for you.