How to remove all posts from your Facebook Timeline at once

Today we are going to walk you through the process of removing all the posts from your Facebook Timeline using the Redact App.

Redact is a software application that works on most social media sites and allows the user to mass delete content such as posts, images, videos, comments, and more.

For this specific post we will be discussing how to target and remove your timeline posts.

Download and install the Facebook Redact App. Once installed, you’ll need to login to Facebook through the Redact login box.

Set your date search settings. To remove all the posts off your timeline from the beginning of your Facebook History, your settings should look exactly like the image above. Otherwise, adjust the dates according to your needs.

Check all three of these boxes so Redact will wipe your entire timeline clean.

As the title of this post says, we are trying to delete everything off our timeline, so that’s the selection we will make on this settings box.

In order to delete your full timeline, you will want to leave this box EMPTY.

Make sure you have all the boxes on the timeline attachments checked. Thiis tells the Redact App to locate and remove anything and everything on your timeline.

Make sure both of these boxes remain checked.