How to delete all messages from a user in Discord DMs

Looking for an easy way to remove a Discord DM in bulk without having to manually delete each individual message? Redact is your solution.

Redact is an app built specifically for the mass removal of content from all major social media sites, including Discord.

For those of you who don’t want to read, or don’t know how to read, this is a video version of the below instructions. ๐Ÿ™‚

The first thing you want to do is go download Redact. Our app is free to download and test.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Redact, you will need to login to Discord through the Redact Interface. After you login you should be looking at a screen like the one below.

You want to select the DM tab and you’ll then see all your direct messages load in the left side of the screen.

So after you have chosen which DM or DMs you want to delete, we have to now tell the Redact App what type of content to look for, what date ranges to search within, and other filter settings.

So as the title of this post says, we are actually going to delete the entire message history with this specific person. So that’s what our directions below will be based off of. However, you can always tweak your settings to fit different scenarios.

If you want to remove your entire DM history with this user from the very beginning to the last message, you want to have the exact settings set as you see in the screen capture above. This will nuke the whole conversation in its entirety.

For the purpose of this post, neither of these two options matter. Do not enter anything into the text search box. You can, if you deem it necessary, change the sort direction. Sort direction will have no adverse effects on removing the DM content.

Make sure the first bubble is selected on this option. It tells the app to find both text DMs and other DMs like images and videos you may have sent/received.

Make sure you have all these boxes checked. This tells the Redact App to locate and gather all the DMs with this user, regardless of what type of content was sent.

Ignore this option. You can make sure it’s unchecked to be safe.

Use the preview mode to double check your DM conversation to ensure it’s the correct one. You just want to make sure you’re not deleting the wrong direct message.

Once you confirm that you have the correct DM in your preview mode, switch over to deletion mode and wipe that DM from both sides of the conversation.

That’s it, your DM is completely deleted and removed from history.