Here’s how you delete all of the images you’ve ever posted on Discord

Need a quick and automatic method to remove all your Discord Images? Need to do it quickly in just a few clciks? We got you, read on.

The number of memes and random images most of us post to social media over the years accumulates to epic proportions. One day, you think to yourself “Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t have posted that outlandish meme…”, or “maybe I shouldn’t have shared that leaked picture of [insert celebrity]…”.

So, what do you do about? Well, you can spend countless hours sifting through all of your images on Discord, removing them one by one. Or you can make use of Redact’s Discord App. Our privacy app allows you to target specific types of posts and/or media for mass deletion. And yes, that includes images.

Here’s What Setup Looks Like:

So basically, all you have to do is copy the settings exactly as you see here and Redact will find and remove all of your images, automatically.

There is also another setting you will have to adjust. It’s the setting that tell the app WHERE to look for your images. You can find and delete your entire image history, or you can segment it based on servers and/or channels. Take a look at this screen shot and you’ll see what I mean:

In the image above, you can see a list of servers and then on the left of that you see the channels within that server. So basically, you simply choose which servers you want to purge your images from, and run the tool. Then, based on your filter settings you’ve entered, the app will return a list of images to remove in bulk.

Final Deletion Options

After all is said and done, you will be presented with the deletion options. This is the part of the process that actually removes all your images from Discord.

You have a few options at this step, you’ll want to choose carefully.

Always use preview mode before you do deletion mode. Preview mode is your dry-run tool so you can actually take a look at the content you’re about to nuke from orbit. If you go straight to deletion mode and push the start button, you could lose some of your valuable content that you didn’t mean to delete.

Video Walkthrough

We went ahead and did a short video walkthrough so you can see, in real time, how it all works.

How to remove all your Discord Images in one click.