How to download your data from social media sites.

Ever wondered how to download your data from various social media platforms? This comprehensive guide provides links and instructions for downloading your information from popular services like Discord, Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, and many more. Take control of your digital footprint by following these steps to retrieve your data.

If you’re planning on deleting one or more of your social media accounts, why not download all your data first? You’ll be happy one day in your older years that you saved your posts, pictures, and other content.

Please note that while we make a best effort to keep this list below up to date, the links might break or stop working. If that happens, or the service you wish to back data up from is not listed here, your best bet is to go on and search for “Download my data on XXXXX” where XXXXX is the name of the service you wish to save your data from.

How to Download Your Data from Social Media: