Best Discord Bots that Automatically Delete Messages & Content

Looking for bots that delete messages and content from Discord? We have compiled this list of bots to help you find the perfect solution to your Discord management headaches. From mass deletion to general maintenance, you’re sure to find something that fills your needs.

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#1 Redact Discord App

(this is mostly for regular users and non-moderators)

  • – Yes, that IS us! And no, we aren’t technically a bot, more like an app. If you’re just a regular Discord user and want to take control of your Discord content without becoming a coder and messing with scripts, try our Discord App. It’s a simple to use app with an intuitive user interface. Redact allows you to quickly and easily remove content and DMs en masse. Easily find and delete DMs, chatroom messages, images, videos, and more. In addition, Redact comes with a set of tools for Discord Moderators.

#2 AutoDelete Bot

  • AutoDelete Bot – The Autodelete bot is an essential Discord tool designed to keep servers clean by automatically removing messages from designated channels, with timing options ranging from 1 second to 24 hours. It features advanced automoderation to block spam and offensive content through a customizable list of prohibited words. Additionally, it logs deleted messages for easy review in a mod log channel. Ideal for server owners aiming for a tidy and respectful community, the Autodelete bot offers a practical solution for efficient server management.

#3 CommandCleanup Bot

  • Command Cleanup – The CommandCleanup bot is a versatile Discord bot designed to streamline chat moderation by enabling the deletion of various types of messages, including those starting with common command symbols, messages from specific users, or those sent by bots. It offers comprehensive control over which content gets deleted through customizable parameters. This bot provides total moderation flexibility, allowing you to tailor your chat cleanup to your exact needs. You can combine multiple parameters in a single command, offering a mix-and-match approach to chat management.

#4 CleanChat Bot

  • Clean Chat – (no longer getting updates) – CleanChat is a customizable Discord bot designed to keep chats clean and respectful. It allows for delayed message deletion, can remove both user and bot messages, and introduces “CommandChannels” for command-only discussions. The bot also features bulk deletion commands like ‘purge’ for efficient chat management. Its main function is to eliminate messages containing swearing or offensive content, supporting English, French, and Arabic (Latin letters). Add CleanChat to create a friendly and respectful community environment.

#5 ClearerBot

  • ClearerBot – ClearerBot simplifies server maintenance by offering an easy way to completely refresh channels. Just invite the bot, execute the c!nuke command, confirm, and your channel will be reset to its original state. What is ClearerBot? ClearerBot is a straightforward tool designed for the total clearance of Discord channels with just a few commands.

#6 Undiscord Bot

  • Undiscord – Concerned about privacy or outdated messages in your Discord chat history? Undiscord provides an easy solution for bulk-deleting messages in channels or DMs, ensuring your digital footprint remains secure. This free tool allows for quick and effortless message removal across Discord, requiring minimal technical know-how. Protect your privacy and stay ahead of social norms with Undiscord’s straightforward message deletion capabilities.

#7 De & go Bot

  • De & go – De & go bot streamlines message deletion on Discord servers for all user roles via a specialized mobile app. This bot, controlled exclusively through its app using Discord Webhook, offers a convenient way to keep channels clean. Available on the PlayStore, the app enables a range of deletion options, from specific messages to all messages in a server, ensuring a tidy communication space. With features like specific, webhook, bot, non-bot, pinned, unpinned, and all message deletion, De & go provides comprehensive server management tools directly from your mobile device.

#8 Elimina Bot

  • Elimina Discord Bot – Elimina is a Discord bot designed to enhance server management by automatically removing bot messages after a set duration, as determined by an administrator, in specific channels that are activated for this feature. Additionally, Elimina offers a unique ~snipe command that reveals the most recent deleted message or image, accessible only to users with administrator rights or those assigned the “Sniper” role, ensuring that message retrieval is restricted to authorized personnel only. For optimal functionality, it’s crucial that Elimina has reading permissions for the channels it monitors. Messages from Elimina itself are also programmed to vanish after one minute in the enabled channels, maintaining a clean and orderly chat environment.

#9 EazyAutoDelete Bot

  • EazyAutoDelete – The EazyAutodelete Bot enhances your Discord server by offering customizable options to automatically delete messages. With it, you can decide when messages are deleted based on various modes, such as message count or duration. You have the flexibility to choose which messages to delete through extensive filtering options, ensuring only specific messages are targeted. Additionally, you can tailor settings to exclude certain roles or focus on bot messages, making message management on your server precise and tailored to your requirements.

#10 Purge Discord Bot

  • Purge – The Purge Discord Bot offers users the capability to bulk delete messages, a feature typically reserved for bots. To utilize this bot, simply use the /purge command, allowing for the deletion of up to 100 messages simultaneously. However, it’s important to note that, due to Discord’s restrictions, messages targeted for deletion cannot be older than 2 weeks.

#11 KMS

  • KMS – The KMS bot is a Discord bot designed to periodically clean up text channels by deleting old messages through the purge function. It allows for custom duration settings for each channel, ensuring that messages are deleted according to a schedule that suits the server’s needs. Notably, the bot is programmed to preserve pinned messages, preventing important information from being lost. All purge tasks are managed and stored in a local SQLite database, ensuring that the bot can resume its cleaning duties even after a restart. This makes KMS an efficient tool for maintaining a tidy and organized Discord server environment.

#12 GhostGaurd

GhostGaurd – The amazing GhostGuard bot is a versatile Discord Bot designed to automatically delete messages in chosen channels, offering additional functionalities for server management. Administrators can easily add or remove channels from the auto-deletion roster. Currently, utilizing any of GhostGuard’s commands requires admin privileges, though this requirement may be adjusted for some commands in the future. For a comprehensive overview of all available commands and how to implement them, users are encouraged to visit the provided link.

#13 AutoDeleteWizard

AutoDeleteWizard – Discover the AutoDelete Wizard, a magical Discord bot designed to streamline server maintenance by automatically deleting messages after a set time. With an easy-to-use interface, it offers features like customizable auto-delete rules, “zap” commands for instant cleanup, detailed message statistics, and top-notch security. Designed to be fun and interactive, it enhances community engagement while ensuring a tidy server environment. Benefit from 24/7 support and regular updates to keep your server running smoothly. Join the many servers already enjoying a clutter-free experience with the AutoDelete Wizard, and elevate your server maintenance effortlessly.

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