Here’s how to remove all posts from Facebook Groups at Once

Download Redact FB Mass Delete Tool: click here

Have you been a naughty social media user and said some stupid things on Facebook Groups? Having some anxiety about all your posts lingering out there?

Here’s the thing, Facebook doesn’t make it easy to remove posts in bulk. Sure, you can remove them one by one, but if you’ve been a participating member of a group(s) for a long time, the number of group posts you will need to manually delete is crazy.

So, what can I do? Surly there is an easier way…

Say hello to the Redact Facebook App. The Redact App allows you to single out all of your group posts and delete them in bulk. Alternatively, you can use Redact’s custom filtering options and narrow down content from specific groups or posts that contain specific words, media types, specific dates, and more.

FB Mass Deletion Tool Screenshot

The screen capture above is showing the settings within the app. The app allows you to find and remove all of the posts you’ve made in your Facebook Groups, or other areas of Facebook.

Video Walkthrough

This is a quick video walkthrough explaining the entire process and how it works. If you need to quickly remove a lot of posts and/or comments you made to Facebook Groups, Redact is your tool.