Delete all Messages in a Specific Discord Channel

This a quick tutorial on how to use the Redact App to target messages in a specific Discord Channel for mass removal.

There could be any number of reasons why you’d want to delete your content from a single channel only. We aren’t concerned with the why, we just handle the how. In this post we will go over the step-by-step process using our software.

Video Walkthrough

Video Instructions on Removing Messages from a Discord Channel in Bulk

Step By Step Instructions

We will now go through the entire process via step-by-step directions. Deleting your content from a single Discord Channel using the Redact Software is very simple. Follow along below and you will have that content gone in no time.

The first step is to choose the server and channel you want to remove all your messages from. This is a fairly easy and straight forward process. Servers on the left, channels of said server on the right. Go ahead and make your selection, then move on to the next step.

The settings you see above in the date chooser will search your entire Discord History. The entire premise of this post was removing all of your messages from a specific channel. So that’s why the date is set this way. If you prefer to search in a specific time period, then adjust your date settings accordingly.

Leave the keyword box empty. If you enter any words into this box, Redact will only return messages you made that contain that specific keyword(s). If you’re trying to remove ALL of your messages in a channel, entering anything into this box will derail the mission.

Sort direction doesn’t matter, you can change that if you want but it ultimately has no effect on the removal of your messages.

Leave the default setting here, which is “search the message text and embedded text”. If you’re wondering what this means, check the example image below.

Make sure you have all the message type boxes ticked. We are searching your entire history for ALL of your messages being it text or something else.

Now You’re Ready to Delete!

Go to preview mode first, make sure your filter settings have produced the correct targets by looking at the preview results. If the results are satisfactory, move on to delete mode and begin removing all your messages from the channel in question.