Technical Notes: May 20st, 2021

• Rate Limit: 60 per minute.

Using Redact with Twitch

We currently support Twitch as a service for Redact. You can mass remove your VODS, clips that you made and clips if of you channel.

Delete your stream's VODs, your stream's clips, or clips you've made of other streams.

Carefully manage the deletion of VODs and clips on Twitch by determining whether you want to delete from your own VODs, clips you yourself have made, or clips other people have made of your channel.

Deletion Options

Delete by date range

Deletion can be specified by Start Date (Only delete after this date) or End Date (Only delete before this date). When you press the calendar icon, a calendar will appear. By default, it’ll take you to the current date, but you can easily change this. You can click the title at the top to select from a list of months, or click it twice to select from a list of nearby years. Alternatively, you could click the left and right arrows to skip around to adjacent months. When you have the correct month and year, you just click the day and you’re done. If you want to start over, just tap the Reset in red text.

Date Selector

Delete from specific broadcasters and streamers

Redact will delete clips only from specific streams that you choose to filter by.

Filter by  Broadcaster Name

Protect certain clips and VODs from deletion

With Redact, you can choose to protect certain VODs and clips from deletion by entering the title of the VOD or Clip into the keyword filter.

Exlude from deletion

Delete with specified keywords

Delete all clips and VODs with specific keywords in titles.

Specific Keywords

Delete by view count

Redact can selectively delete content within a range of viewership. This allows you to remove clips that are either not popular enough, or a little popular.

View Count

Delete by duration

Redact can find content with specific durations so that you can carefully manage your content, whether it be short clips or longform content.

View Count

Delete all Twitch history

To bulk delete anything and everything on your Twitch account, just skip the form, go straight to Deletion Mode, and click Start Deleting. Take note that content deletion is irreversible. This is recommended if you want to have a fresh Twitch account rather than making a new one.

For a detailed description of these features and what they do, visit this page.

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