Technical Notes: May 31st, 2021

• Rate Limit: 60 per minute. • Be aware that if you specify a value for the Message Content filter, partial word matches will not work, you must search for a full word that is separated by space. • Download your data:

Using Redact with Slack

We currently support Slack as a service for Redact. You can mass remove your DMs.

Delete Messages in Slack Channels

Find and delete messages in specific channels. You can select multiple channels at the same time. The RESET button clears out all selected channels.

Channel Selector

Delete Messages in Slack Direct Messages

Find and delete messages in direct messages. You can select multiple conversations at the same time. The RESET button clears out all selected conversations.

DMs Selector

Delete by date range

Deletion can be specified by Start Date (Only delete after this date) or End Date (Only delete before this date). When you press the calendar icon, a calendar will appear. By default, it’ll take you to the current date, but you can easily change this. You can click the title at the top to select from a list of months, or click it twice to select from a list of nearby years. Alternatively, you could click the left and right arrows to skip around to adjacent months. When you have the correct month and year, you just click the day and you’re done. If you want to start over, just tap the Reset in red text.

Date Selector

Delete by message content

Redact will find and delete your Slack messages by message content.

Messege Content

Specific message types

For Slack deletion, we have Images, Videos, Embeds, Sounds, and Files. Tick the box if you want to specify the message type. By default, it searches through every message type, and this will be the case if you leave everything blank. If you select any of these it does NOT include text-only messages.

Specific Message Types

Delete all DMs in your Slack

To bulk delete every DMs on your Slack account, just skip the form, go straight to Deletion Mode, and click Start Deleting. Take note that content deletion is irreversible. This is recommended if you want to have a fresh Slack DMs in account rather than making a new one. To iterate we only support DMs for now.

Deletion mode

For a detailed description of these features and what they do, visit this page.

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