Using Redact with Pinterest

We currently support Pinterest as a service for Redact. You can mass remove your pins and post in Pinterest.

Thing to delete in Pinterest

Choose what to delete - boards, pins, or both. This is where you specify what Redact will query. By default, both are checked, and you’ll have to uncheck one if you don’t want it removed.

Pinterest Service Options

Delete Pinterest boards or pins by date range

Deletion can be specified by Start Date (Only delete after this date) or End Date (Only delete before this date). When you press the calendar icon, a calendar will appear. By default, it’ll take you to the current date, but you can easily change this. You can click the title at the top to select from a list of months, or click it twice to select from a list of nearby years. Alternatively, you could click the left and right arrows to skip around to adjacent months. When you have the correct month and year, you just click the day and you’re done. If you want to start over, just tap the Reset in red text.

Date Selector

Delete by keyword on Pinterest

Redact will find and delete your boards and pins by keyword. Enter your chosen keyword in the input field, and click the Add button to add it. To remove a keyword, just click the x that is in line with the keyword. To clear all keywords, click the Clear All button.

Delete Keyword

Delete Pinterest board best on pin count range

Specify the pin count range of a pin in a board to delete.

Count Range Deletion

Delete Pinterest board based on follower count range

Specify the follower count range of a board to delete.

Follower Range Deletion

Delete Pinterest board based on re-pin count range

Specify the re-pin count range of a board to delete.

Repin Range Deletion

Exclude collaborative or private boards from deletion

Tick the check mark if you want to exclude boards that are collaborative or private.

![Collaborative or Private](/images/services/pinterest/mass-delete all-pinterest-pins.png)

Delete all Pinterest history

To bulk delete anything and everything on your Pinterest account, just skip the form, go straight to Deletion Mode, and click Start Deleting. Take note that content deletion is irreversible. This is recommended if you want to have a fresh Pinterest account rather than making a new one.

Deletion mode

For a detailed description of these features and what they do, visit this page.

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