Quick Start Guide

Download Redact application?

Go to Downloads page , to download the version of your choice, there are 3 versions currently available for the following operating systems: Linux, MacOS and Windows.

Download for OS

Sign up for an account

Once you download Redact, you can click on Register Account to get started. Redact needs a functional email address and password that has at least 9 characters with at least 1 number and 1 special character.

After registering your account, you will receive a verification email. Please click on the Verify Email link found within to complete your account's registration.

Login to Redact application

Once everything is filled in, click the submit button.

Your first deletion

On the homepage under Redact Services, you can select what platform you would like to use. Click the < and > icons on the right to view all the services that we support. For this example, we'll use Discord

Login to your Discord account by clicking the Login button. This will open a popup that will ask you for your Discord login details. You can either Preview in Preview Mode, Delete in Deletion Mode, or even create a Schedule in Add to Scheduler. For now, we will click on Deletion mode and get straight to deleting!

Important Note:
All deleted content will be unrecoverable and is deleted permanently, if you're not sure on what content to delete please use preview mode to check the content being searched by Redact.

Afterwards, a success screen will show up to tell you that the deletion process is done. You can close this and view a list of everything that was deleted, and congratulations! You have made your first deletion!

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