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Corporations are Gunning for your Lock Screen2022-07-07

Recent news has come from Apple concerning an ad company here in the US. Many costumers are alarmed with the news that your lock screen could be the next battleground for your eyes.


How Many Shadow IDs are your Employees Using?2022-07-06

While the term may seem ominous, ‘shadow IDs’ are being used in every company everywhere. They were brought into the mainstream when JPMorgan was fined $200 million in December 2021 for allowing their staff to use them.


The Mars Probe Still Using Windows 982022-07-05

While not technically the security news you’re used to from us, this is too good a discussion to miss out on. Did you know the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Mars Express spacecraft uses a Windows 98-based operating system?


Will this New Windows 11 Feature Significantly Enhance Protection?2022-07-01

Let’s be honest, Windows 11 hasn’t gotten off to the best start. Anyone who has been around long enough for older Microsoft OS releases will remember that there used to be a lot more fuss and fanfare.


Do You Need a Third-Party VPN for Your iPhone?2022-06-29

This question was prompted by a spirited discussion between a friend and I over the various pros and cons of Apple versus Android. One point that was made was that Android needs a third-party VPN for security while Apple has Private Relay.


Bluetooth Signals can be Used to Track Smartphones2022-06-27

We do not know about you, but we use Bluetooth all the time. Earbuds, keyboard, mouse, speakers, soundbar, even a connection to our car.


Cyber Criminals Spending Longer than Ever Inside our Networks2022-06-25

Apparently, once they have found a way in, cyber criminals are spending up to 36% longer within corporate networks than they used to.


Leaked German Memo Raises Questions about Privacy in Europe2022-06-23

Recently, we wrote an article about the problematic new policy on the docket in the European Union allowing government agencies to surveil users. While ostensibly this is for a good cause, its knock on effects are disturbing from a privacy perspective, to say the least.

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