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BMW’s Software as a Service-inspired Model Sparks Dialogue2022-07-19

Recently, BMW announced that they were going to charge 18 dollars a month to enable heated seat technology already present in the vehicle. This has sparked heated discussion about whether or not the Software as a Service (henceforth SaaS) model has gone too far.


How to Survive a Ransomware Attack as a Small Business2022-07-18

Ransomware is on the rise. As the world faces recession and increased hardship, that rise will likely accelerate. As a small business, what can you do to survive a ransomware attack?


Rare Warning for Linux Malware Issued2022-07-15

We all know that Linux isn’t immune from malware, just naturally much more resistant to it. If you believed in the myth, then this warning from Cybersecurity researchers at Qualys should put a stop to that.


Key Office 365 Loophole Leaves Data Open to Ransomware2022-07-13

A recently discovered vulnerability in Office 365 could enable an attacker to access files stored in OneDrive and SharePoint.


New Attack Causes Scramble at AMD and Intel2022-07-12

An all new attack targeting CPUs has caused quite the stir, and raises questions about the security and stability of the largest, most popular commercial hardware companies.


Chinese Surveillance Spreads to Myanmar2022-07-11

Chinese facial recognition technology is infamous globally. The technology is actively used in the ongoing oppression and genocide of the Uyghur people in western China in addition to broadly keeping the population in line. While it was previously the case that the technology had been confined to the one country, it seems like that may be shifting.


A New Era: The End of Internet Explorer2022-07-09

After a multi-decade long run, Microsoft’s iconic browser, Internet Explorer, has finally been put to rest.


This New Malware is Attacking SOHO Routers Across the World2022-07-08

Researchers at Lumen Technologies have identified exponential growth in malware that has been targeted Small Office Home Office (SOHO) routers.

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