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Top 6 Privacy Extensions for Firefox in 20222022-07-27

If you use Firefox, there are a huge range of extensions that can add anything from price checkers to privacy tools. It’s that latter selection we’re most interested in.


Microsoft Rolls Back Facial Recognition Programs2022-07-26

While Microsoft hasn’t always found themselves at the cutting edge of tech, from time to time, they position themselves to be a leader in a new space. This had seemed to be the case with facial recognition software, but it appears that they’re stepping out on this highly controversial field.


The CISA is Pushing to Fix Windows by August2022-07-25

The CISA have recommended that Microsoft patch a bug affecting the Windows Client Server Runtime Subsystem (CSRSS) in Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 and Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and 2008. They are so concerned by the threat it poses, they have given a strong recommendation and a deadline date of August 2.


The Facebook Messenger That Duped Millions2022-07-23

Do you use Facebook Messenger? Have you heard about one of the largest scams in the world that duped millions of Facebook users?


Are Robocalls Finally Coming to an End?2022-07-22

Since 2018, the vice grip robocalls have held over the American people has been suffered with no small amount of complaining. Yet, despite the numerous calls to end the spam, it persists. That is, until now (possibly).


New Malware avoids the Top 50 Antivirus Products2022-07-21

A new week, a new malware warning. This time, malware delivered by an infected ISO file dressed up as a resume.


LinkedIn Faces Job Scam and Largest Crypto Heist in History2022-07-20

What has been dubbed the largest crypto heist in history with an estimated valuation of 625 million dollars started with a LinkedIn job offer.


BMW’s Software as a Service-inspired Model Sparks Dialogue2022-07-19

Recently, BMW announced that they were going to charge 18 dollars a month to enable heated seat technology already present in the vehicle. This has sparked heated discussion about whether or not the Software as a Service (henceforth SaaS) model has gone too far.

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