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How to Protect an Android Device from Malware2022-08-08

We’ve talked a lot about how to prevent yourself and protect yourself from Malware on a computer, but not a lot about phones. As we’re interested in giving everyone as much knowledge as possible to protect themselves, it makes sense to show both sides of the story.


A Quick Note about our Error Logging2022-08-06

We had a misconfiguration in our access logging system, but it is fixed now.


New LofyLife Malware Targets Discord Users2022-08-05

Discord users are being targeted once again by malware. This time the malware can steal Discord tokens and personal data.


Mi5 and FBI Issue Joint Warning over Chinese IP Theft2022-08-03

The British MI5 and our own FBI have issued an unprecedented warning over the threat China and the Chinese State poses to businesses.


Malware as a Service, for Less than the Cost of a Beer2022-08-02

Malware as a service isn’t anything new. We have known you could either hire hackers to perform specific malware attacks, or hire platforms per hour or per attack to cause havoc.


Facebook is Now Encrypting URLs to Avoid Privacy Extensions2022-08-01

Did you read our other post ‘Top 6 Firefox privacy extensions to install right now’? Well, this story from Facebook may make you install them all.


The Shocking Revelation behind Ring Camera Footage2022-07-28

Amazon Ring Cameras are installed on the front doors of homes all across the United States. They offer mild convenience, and have made for some delightful videos. However, they come with a significant price outside just the money.


Amazon Trying to Clean Up Reviews to Rebuild Trust2022-07-27

Reviews, or social proof, are pivotal in convincing people to buy items. We use them everywhere, for everything. Amazon knows this, but also knows it has a problem with vendors faking them. They are finally trying to clean up their act.

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