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More than 1,800 Android and iOS Apps Leaking AWS Data2022-09-09

A group of researchers have found that over 1,800 apps are leaking AWS and Amazon S3 data. The data could enable someone to access shared storage, SDKs, and other developer resources.


Is it Smart to Invest in a Home Security System?2022-09-07

Despite crime being at an all-time low, the home security industry is at its largest ever size. According to some sources, the home security market is growing, albeit slowly, to millions of customers in the United States alone. That being said, even though crime is low, are these systems worth the cost? How effective are they even in the best of circumstances?


Why Should I Worry about Privacy if I am not Famous?2022-09-06

Privacy concerns tend to seem unimportant and not pressing to many of us in our daily lives. Whenever you see a headline about a celebrity having their career ruined in various ways on the internet, it can be easy to dismiss these events as not relevant to our lifestyles. After all, why would anybody want to attack a random, relatively unimportant person?


What is Facebook Really Doing with Your Data?2022-09-05

It’s widely known that Facebook collects information about its users. Most people seem to be at least tangentially aware that this either is actively happening, or has happened in the past. For many, the details end there. We want to take a look at not only what Facebook does with all this data, but what data they collect in the first place.


Is it Illegal to Launch a DDoS Attack?2022-09-03

We already discussed the dire state of privacy legislation in the past, but that raises the question - is policy surrounding DDoSing similarly dismal?


Facebook on iOS is Even More Intrusive than Usual2022-09-02

If you’re on an iDevice and are using Facebook’s in-app browser, you’re going to want to read this. Apparently, the in-app browser provided by Facebook and Instagram tracks everything you do, on any website. That means Meta can track where you go, what you do while you’re there and every tap you make on your phone while you’re doing it.


Law Enforcement Caught Tracking Phone Location without Warrants2022-09-01

Recently, the Electronic Frontier Foundation in conjunction with the Associated Press broke a story wide open on a piece of software that allows police to surveil citizens like you and me with impunity. Coming off the backs of very similar technology attracting the ire of the FTC, this is not a good look to say the least.


Xiaomi Phones Vulnerable to Fake Transactions2022-08-31

Chinese phone maker Xiaomi has announced that it has found flaws in its phones that could allow a scammer to fake financial transactions without you being aware. Xiaomi is the third largest phone manufacturer after Samsung and Apple with millions of users. The flaw could potentially allow bad actors to take control of the mobile payment system within Xiaomi phones and forge their own for a variety of nefarious purposes.