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What does Facebook do with your data?2021-09-07

It’s widely known that Facebook collects information about its users. We want to take a look at not only what Facebook does with all this data, but what data they collect in the first place.


The Top Password Managers in 20212021-09-06

Password managers, while having a great amount of utility, share the same challenge as all other products in existence: competitors. With a plethora of clashing software, all claiming to be superior to the others, how could you possibly determine which is right for you?


The Top 4 VPNs in 20212021-09-05

Here’s a list of our 4 favorite VPN services in no particular order, along with their relative strengths and weaknesses to one another.


Oversharing: A Self Inflicted Danger2021-09-04

When protecting both your privacy and online accounts, you are your best defense. However, often overlook something excruciatingly important: their mannerisms on social media.


What is Two-Factor Authentication, and why is it important?2021-09-03

It’s increasingly popular to see two-factor authentication be the norm for many users across all social media platforms, but what is a “factor,” what does it mean to have two of them, and why is it so effective?


How to hide your home from Google Maps in 20212021-09-02

Since its founding in 1998, Google has come to dominate the tech industry. Over the past twenty years, it has extended its reach far from its humble beginning as a search engine. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that Google has also dabbled in GPS technology.


Why is having a strong password so important?2021-09-01

Keeping your account secure is vitally important to operate safely in online spaces. Your personal information, identity, finances, conversations, and more are all guarded behind (hopefully various) passwords across all your accounts and devices.


The Truth about Incognito Mode2021-08-31

A mere movement of your thumb seems so simple. In fact, it is almost instinctive. But what exactly happens when you push that button?

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