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How secure is cryptocurrency?2021-10-01

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are popular in privacy circles for handling any and all transactions. They’re typically understood to be more secure and anonymous than normal, mainline bank accounts are, but is this true? And if so, why?


Digital Death - Cancel Culture2021-09-30

If you haven’t been in a coma within the last few years, there is a high probability that you have heard of the term “cancel culture.” Cancel culture, sometimes referred to as “call-out culture,” is essentially a societal tool that can, in theory, be utilized to culturally ostracize or block someone, thus “cancelling” them. While this is all just speculation, that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been discussed in high frequencies.


What are Ad blockers and how do they work?2021-09-29

Nearly a billion users worldwide use Ad blockers when they peruse the internet. These usually come in the form of extensions to the user’s browser of choice, and they remove any advertisements in whatever form they take (pop-ups, video embeds, banners, etc.) That being said, what is Ad blocking, and how do these extensions work?


Why is it so Important to Protect your Email2021-09-28

Within the last decade, and especially throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, there has been an exponential increase in the reliance of the Internet. Each year, it seems as if activities that could once be done in-person are now done through an app. If you want to communicate with your friends, just reach out through texts or social media. If you want to keep up with the news, just download an app. In short, if you want to do something – there’s probably an app for it.


Why is deleting old posts so important?2021-09-27

Redact offers you the ability to mass remove all of your posts on a variety of social media platforms. This includes more trendy, modern platforms like TikTok, and old, legacy platforms like Skype. While this is an impressive range of features, it raises an important question - why would somebody even want to delete their history in the first place?


How to Increase your Privacy on an Android Device2021-09-26

Keeping your information private in an era where technology is constantly evolving and becoming increasingly sophisticated is a daunting task. One device that is often overlooked and disregarded as a potential security threat is the smartphone.


How to keep your private messages secure in 20212021-09-25

An approximated 5 billion people worldwide use SMS to send and receive text messages, with around 80% of the population in North America included in that. With so many people relying on what seems like pretty safe technology, is it really safe?


How to Increase Your Privacy on an iOS Device2021-09-24

Your information is extremely valuable. Even the most insignificant detail, like your dog’s name, can be revealing. If it became accessible to an online ruffian, the consequences could be devastating.

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