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Are Home Security Systems really worth it?2021-10-29

Despite crime being at an all-time low, the home security industry is at its largest ever size. According to some sources, the home security market is growing, albeit slowly, to millions of customers in the United States alone. That being said, even though crime is low, are these systems worth the cost? How effective are they even in the best of circumstances?


How Secure is Wi-Fi really?2021-10-27

We recently did a deep dive into Wi-Fi, what it is, how it works, and even some of its practical applications. However, this technology, ubiquitous as it may be, is not without its flaws. There are a few major weaknesses that bad actors like to exploit to extract money and information from you.


Facebook’s Newest Blunder: A Secret Privacy Plunder2021-10-24

Within the last few weeks, the tech giant has been ridiculed over a shutdown that lasted for hours, as well as lambasted as a potential threat by whistleblowers. In addition to these events, they have also been exposed for a major breach of privacy for iPhone users.


What actually is Bluetooth?2021-10-23

Billions of Bluetooth integrated devices are produced around the world, making up a huge proportion of tech industry sales. People in all professions and all walks of life rely on Bluetooth to make their lives a little less tangled. That being said, what is Bluetooth, and how does it work?


Cybersecurity and Esports: An Unexpected Duo2021-10-20

While the cybersecurity world has been going through a rough patch lately with issues such as Twitch’s data leak and Microsoft’s DDoS battle, a neat and rather unexpected bit of news has entered the scene. The United States is seeking to strengthen its cybersecurity forces by tapping into the minds of the country’s youth through a medium that is familiar to them: esports.


What actually is WiFi?2021-10-17

WiFi is incredibly important in the modern world. Coffee shops around the world lure in customers by offering it for free, thousands of dollars are spent by college campuses to provide it to students, and the United States Government even has a 100-billion dollar plan to provide it to the entire country. However, this vital piece of technology isn’t very well understood. We know it allows us to connect to the Internet, but how?


The Dark Side of Cryptocurrency2021-10-16

Within the last year or so, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have become immensely popular. To some, they are considered to be smart investments, while others believe that cryptocurrencies are unreliable and for suckers. One particular group of people, however, seems to be benefitting greatly from the mysterious virtual coins.


What is CCTV2021-10-15

In recent years, a lot of fuss has been made about different uses of CCTV footage. In some cases, this comes from state actors using it to identify individuals based on things like gait, silhouette, facial features, etc.. However, their use is extremely common, and their applications varied. With this in mind, what is CCTV, how is it used, why, and does it pose a threat to you and your privacy?

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