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Are Apple's apps always tracking you?2021-11-29

When you first download and open and application from Apple’s App Store, chances are you have been met with this familiar message: “Allow this app to track your activity across other companies’ apps and websites?” Along with this are two options: “Allow” and “Ask App not to Track.” Despite selecting the latter option, however, plenty of apps still suck up all your data in a vacuum-like fashion.


How Redact keeps you safe on the internet2021-11-27

Over the last several months, we’ve written numerous articles about a wide number of topics in online privacy. These range from major events to the number of different threats you face day to day. With all that in mind, how does Redact fit into the equation? Do we make your information safer? Howso?


Google’s Cookie Policy Raises Concerns2021-11-26

Within the last two years, Google had announced that it was going to eliminate third-party cookies from the company’s own browser, Chrome. While the initial plan was to have this done *by* 2022, the tech giant ultimately delayed the project’s deadline towards the *end* of 2022 just a few months ago. Most recently, however, Google has also been under investigation with a regulatory agency from the United Kingdom.


Happy Thanksgiving from the Redact Team!2021-11-25

As America winds down for the day to (hopefully) enjoy some time with our friends and family, the Redact Team wants to give you a warm season’s greetings! However, for many around the world, there’s still business to be done.


How Common are Credit Card Skimmers?2021-11-20

Recently, a Costco location had to warn its customers that their credit card information may have been compromised due to an undetected skimmer being planted on one of the terminals. This kind of news is very scary, but how common is it really?


Facebook Goes Silent Amid Threat of Leaks2021-11-17

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has, yet again, closed its doors to the public eye amid the storm of potential information leaks and scrutiny from the press.


The Growing Danger of Cyberattacks on Hospitals2021-11-15

The pandemic hit the American medical infrastructure hard over the last two years; however, it’s not the only threat our hospitals face. Increasingly, vital life-saving facilities are attacked by malicious actors seeking to extract capital from vulnerable targets.


Is Facial Recognition Dangerous?2021-11-11

Many smartphones these days have advanced facial recognition software to make them easier to get into, and in theory more secure also. While this technology may be convenient, how it works and whether or not it can actually pose a threat to you is unclear to many users. Let’s dive into what this technology is, how it works, and the potential threats it may pose.

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