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DuckDuckGo: The Future of Online Privacy?2022-01-05

When gauging how important privacy is to the average person, you get quite a mixed bag of results. On one hand, it is quite apparent that people carry a deep sentiment for their privacy, but on the other hand, those same people demonstrate inconsistency through the use of applications that siphon and disseminate their information. Facebook is a prime example of this, with upwards of 3 billion daily active users despite having a notorious reputation regarding the handling of their user’s data. At this point, it wouldn’t be surprising if it were simply the case that the average consumer is willing to sacrifice the security of their personal information in favor of a product that they like enough- but is that necessarily true?


What you need to know about the Log4j exploit2021-12-17

Log4j is a nearly omnipresent library across Java ecosystems. Its exact functions are a little esoteric, but it provides programmers with a useful set of tools to perform a wide number of tasks. However, there’s recently been a vulnerability found in this library that’s been making headlines. Let’s talk about what it does, how scary it is, and whether you can stop it.


Privacy in Prison: What are your Rights2021-12-13

Recently, a story broke concerning private phone calls between lawyers and inmates. This has prompted a broader conversation about what rights we have in the United States in regards to privacy. What rights do we have already, and what additional rights may we deserve?


Tesla Under Investigation for Gaming Feature2021-12-11

As many of you are probably aware, the tech world changes so often it can give the average person whiplash. There are constantly new data leaks, threats to devices, and investigations being revealed on what almost feels like a daily basis. That is why we at Redact are going to take a breather today and talk about something far more interesting – the United States government wondering why Tesla lets people play video games while driving!


The Bitcoin Slump of 2021, and what it means2021-12-09

Starting a month ago, Bitcoin began a slow slump, culminating in a dramatic crash less than a week ago. Many sections of the internet have been reacting in a number of ways, including trying to figure out what caused this to happen in the first place; however, what it means and what its significance is to the long term health of the currency isn’t necessarily clear.


Texas Law vs. Social Media Platforms2021-12-05

Over the weekend, a federal judge blocked a Texas state law that bans social media platforms from engaging in what it defines as “censorship.” In the final ruling, the judge determined that the law would violate a social networks’ First Amendment right to moderate user-submitted content.


All about Android’s New Privacy Settings2021-12-04

With the release of Android 12 comes a whole slew of new features for 70% of the phone carrying population. With the continually growing importance of privacy, Android has taken a proactive approach to furthering the safety of their customer base.


Thousands of AT&T Customers Attacked by Malware2021-12-01

Today, a new member joins the club that Robinhood, Meta, and Twitch have been a part of for a few months. AT&T, a telecommunications enterprise worth billions of dollars, has left thousands of its customers within the United States at the mercy of a predatory malware attack. At this point, we can’t seem to go a week without a massive data breach.

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