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The 3 Best Firefox Extensions in 20222022-03-09

Firefox is one of the most notable and widely used web browsers available. Even though Firefox markets itself as a more privacy-friendly browser, it is also tremendously easy to use. With that in mind, it is no surprise that more than 150 million people across the globe do their work, schooling, and leisurely activities on it. However, there is one, fundamental feature that is often overlooked despite its extreme versatility: extensions.


Is your phone listening to you?2022-03-08

If you own a smartphone, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, or nearly any kind of laptop, you are near a device with a microphone attached to it with the ability to transfer information over the internet whenever you’re around it. For the vast majority of people, this is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This, of course, raises the question - is it listening to you when you don’t expect?


Another Android Malware Ravages the Google Play Store2022-03-05

In the latest installment of the never-ending battle between cybercriminals and tech companies, yet another malware has torn its way through thousands of Android devices. Let’s find out what it is, and if you should be concerned, shall we?


How to Prolong your Phone’s Battery Life2022-03-03

With the upcoming release of Redact’s Android app, we want to give some helpful tips to maximize the health of your phone in other ways - not just the health of your social media presence. With this in mind, your device’s battery life is among the most important and relevant things to keep on top of.


New Android ‘Xenomorph’ Malware Infects Thousands of Devices2022-03-02

This alert goes out to all Android users: be careful about what you download from the Google Play Store. Within the last couple of weeks, more than 50,000 people have fallen victim to a new malware that has taken Android devices by storm. Beware its name: Xenomorph.


Introducing: Redact Beta for Android2022-03-01

Redact is proud to announce that our mobile app for Android devices is now available for public beta testing on the Google Play Store! All the same powerful features we offer on desktop are now available from the comfort and convenience of your smartphone!


Internet Trolls2022-01-22

Internet trolls have become a widespread issue for Americans nationwide. The map below shows the % in each state who admit to sending hurtful trolling messages online.


How to Keep your Online Presence Safe, Forever2022-01-06

Here at Redact, we’re deeply invested in making sure your social media footprint isn’t used against you, including interpersonal, financial, or even physical harm. That being said, while we do give you a previously unprecedented amount of control over what’s tied to your name at any given second, we can’t keep you completely safe from literally everything.

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