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Russia Apparently Responsible for Viasat Cyberattack in February2022-05-21

The U.S., European Union and Great Britain have officially laid blame for the Viasat cyberattack on Russia.


Privacy and You: How at Risk is a Random Person to Online Threats?2022-05-19

Privacy concerns have a tendency to seem unimportant and not pressing to many of us in our daily lives. Whenever you read a headline about a celebrity having their career ruined in various ways on the internet, including through data breaches, it can be easy to dismiss these events as not relevant to our lifestyles.


Google Wielding the Banhammer on Malicious Ad Networks2022-05-18

Malicious ads are one of the biggest reasons to use adblockers. As one of the world’s largest ad-related companies, it’s in Google’s interest to keep ads as clean and as palatable as possible.


GitHub Adding Two-Factor Authentication to Contributors2022-05-17

In a move that’s arguably better late than never, GitHub is embracing two-factor authentication for anyone who contributes code.


Big Tech Looking to Replace Passwords Forever2022-05-15

Microsoft, Apple and Google are ramping up their drive to do away with passwords. All three have been long-time supporters of getting rid of passwords and that drive has now moved a step closer.


Google Launches Data Safety section on Play Store2022-05-12

Google is hoping to improve public perception of its data collection, and that of its apps by launching a new Data Safety feature. The feature is part of the Play Store and should provide essential information on what data apps collect.


Hardware from leading brands potentially critically vulnerable2022-05-04

A range of routers and Internet of Things devices from Netgear, Linksys and other manufacturers could be critically vulnerable to a DNS poisoning bug.


Polarizing Politics: Study reveals which voters intentionally post on social media to incite a reaction.2022-03-11

Internet trolling is now a mainstream and in fact, accessible, form of political discourse. Given its ability to reach a huge global audience in a mere matter of minutes, controversial posts about politics can quickly go viral… Whether it’s an unflattering screenshot from a newsclip; a critique on their fake tan gone wrong, or a word fumble, there are plenty posts about politics constantly circulating online.

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