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The FBI Issues a Warning about Criminals Selling College VPN Access2022-06-10

The FBI has issued a warning about criminals offering VPN login details for college and university VPN networks. These login details allow access onto educational networks, which could potentially enable bad actors access to student databases or other platforms within that network.


How to Keep your Social Security Number Safe2022-06-08

Recently, the FBI announced that it busted a dark web operation called “SSNDOB” that sold personal information in exchange for Bitcoin. While this is excellent news, it’s troubling that apparently the site had been operating for nearly a decade.


How to Quickly Reset your Gmail Password if it becomes Compromised2022-06-07

Passwords are not the most secure methods of protecting your data but they are all we have right now. If you are notified of a hack or become aware that your Gmail account may have been compromised, you need to change your password fast.


New Ransomware Demands 3 Good Deeds to Unlock Your Data2022-06-03

A bizarre (but kinda cool) new ransomware has been identified out in the wild. Rather than locking everything down and demanding cash, this ransomware demands victims perform three good deeds before they get their systems back.


New EU Law Would Mandate Chat App Scanning for Child Abuse2022-06-02

The European Union is well known for proposing some crazy laws, but their latest is a doozy.


What You Need to Know About the Newest Microsoft Vulnerability2022-06-01

A newly identified vulnerability, eloquently called CVE-2022-30190, is a new deadly way that bad actors can take control of your computer and run arbitrary lines of code.


Is Deleting Old Posts Really That Important?2022-05-31

Redact offers you the ability to mass remove all of your posts on a variety of social media platforms. This includes more trendy, modern platforms like TikTok, and old, legacy platforms like Skype. While this is an impressive range of features, it raises an important question - why would somebody even want to delete their history in the first place?


Android 13 Upping its Security Game2022-05-25

The Google I/O last week had lots of useful information on what to expect from the company over the next 12 months. Once of the most interesting to us were the changes in Android 13.

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