Curious how much you spend on Amazon?
Check out Usko, the latest product from the Redact team.
Curious how much you spend on Amazon? Get shopping analytics while maintaining your privacy from Usko, the latest product from the Redact team.
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Usko Privacy, fresh off a funding round, acquires Redact, the leading app for viewing, searching, and removing your social media posts.2022-10-19

Miami-based Usko Privacy announced today that it has acquired another Miami-based tech startup, Redact, after its $1.8 million funding round from local investors.


Is Your Amazon Data Download Taking Too Long?2022-10-18

This article is designed to help you download your data so that the Usko app can analyze it. If your download is taking too long to complete and you are stuck in the analyzing screen, first email us at and join our Discord server to open a ticket.


HP Enterprise Devices Vulnerable to High Severity Firmware Flaws2022-09-26

HP has to be one of the most recognizable names in tech, with a reputation for delivering solid quality and reliability. Its name is particularly respected in enterprise, which is why you see so many HP laptops in meetings. That may not be such a good move if reports of unpatched firmware flaws are true, though.


GIFs in Microsoft Teams do More than Just Annoy2022-09-24

There are some GIFs that are actually funny and that can lighten the mood in boring meetings. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them are just lame and do nothing but catch the eye and distract you.


WhatsApp Scams from Family or Friends in Need on the Rise2022-09-23

Whenever there’s some world event, you’ll always find people taking advantage of it. We saw it in Haiti, in the Thailand Tsunami, the kids in the underwater tunnel - everywhere there is pain and suffering. It seems modern times are providing just more and more opportunities for scammers to try to part you from your money.


Fake Minecraft Updates Targeting Younger Gamers2022-09-22

With an audience in the many millions and revenues in the many billions, games are a popular target for bad actors. As one of the largest games around, Minecraft is chief among them. Even though it has been around for years, Minecraft still has a huge global audience.


Why Deleting Old Posts is So Important2022-09-21

Redact offers you the ability to mass remove all of your posts on a variety of social media platforms. This includes more trendy, modern platforms like TikTok, and old, legacy platforms like Skype. While this is an impressive range of features, it raises an important question - why would somebody even want to delete their history in the first place?


Do You Have Privacy Rights in Prison2022-09-20

Recently, a story broke concerning private phone calls between lawyers and inmates. This has prompted a broader conversation about what rights we have in the United States in regards to privacy. What rights do we have already, and what additional rights may we deserve?