The 6 Best Chrome Extensions in 2021

Ki James
Ki James
October 11th, 2021

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers in the world. Users from around the world do their work, school, and leisure on it. However, some people aren’t aware of how powerful and customizable it is in the form of extensions.

Here’s a list of some of the most useful browser extensions and what they do in no particular order.


If you find yourself constantly distracted by things happening on other websites, and never getting any work done because you can’t help but check Twitter or Youtube, then BlockSite is the extension for you.

With over 1,000,000 users and at 4.5 stars, this popular extension allows you to set timers that lock you out of certain websites for set periods of time. If you have a big assignment due and can’t afford any lollygagging, consider downloading it today.

UBlock Origin

We wrote an entire article all about Ad blocking. If you’re curious about what it is, why people do it, and whether or not you should, you should check it out. That being said, the current most powerful Ad blocking tool is UBlock Origin.

It has 10,000,000 users and a 4.7 star rating, making it a clear favorite. It’s both lightweight and highly customizable, so you’re able to be very specific with disabling redirects and domains.


Grammarly is very popular with people who aren’t totally comfortable writing. While today’s big word processors do give spell check for free, they don’t provide writing tips. Grammarly is different, and will give you suggestions about how to word things better.

That being said, an algorithm is no replacement for a human touch, and your particular flares and flourishes may not be appreciated by this extension. That being said, 10,000,000 users rely on it to keep their writing sharp and concise.

The Great Suspender

Some people have a tendency to hoard tabs. In extreme cases, the clutter can get so bad that it causes serious slowdowns and lag on your machine. If you find that this is the cast, then The Great Suspender is an excellent option.

This extension allows you to put certain tabs to sleep, dramatically decreasing the amount of RAM and CPU power it takes to keep running. It has just 100,000 users, making it one of the less popular extensions we’re recommending, but it really comes in clutch for the particularly prolific tab hoarders out there.

Google Translate

Language students may find themselves constantly bumping into new, unfamiliar vocabulary words. In a lot of cases, just jogging the memory is enough to figure out what the missing piece is. Rather than opening up a whole nother tab, dropping the word into google translate, and waiting for it to work, Google has given you a more convenient option.

The Google Translate extension lets you quickly and easy grab words and get their rough translation on the go. It’s of course important to remind you that google translate is basically terrible, but it’s useful in limited applications.

Volume Master

Volume can vary dramatically from website to website, and video to video. If it’s ever the case that a source of audio online can’t quite be loud or quiet enough, then this extension is perfect.

With over 2,000,000 users at a whopping 4.8 star review average, this extension gives you a much wider and more precise range of options when it comes time to set the volume.

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