Introducing: Redact Beta for Android

Ki James
Ki James
March 1st, 2022

Redact is proud to announce that our mobile app for Android devices is now available for public beta testing on the Google Play Store!

All the same powerful features we offer on desktop are now available from the comfort and convenience of your smartphone!

How does it work?

The app functions essentially identically as the desktop app, just optimized for usability on a mobile device. Rather than scrolling through a form, you’ll advance through a series of smaller, more manageable menus to direct Redact at precisely the kinds of posts you want removed forever.

Otherwise, all of the assurances and processes that work for the desktop client remain the same. You can delete and destroy your messages with reckless abandon!

Can it delete everything that the desktop app can?

Every service, and feature within that service, works on the mobile app. If you want to delete you Twitter DMs, or your Reddit posts, or your Slack logs, the Redact Mobile app is more than capable.

When will the app be available on Apple devices?

The iOS app is currently under development, and we look forward to giving you an update in the near future all about it, but for now just know that it’s in the works!

Download today!

To get in on the open beta and start mass removing your content, the link to its Play Store page is right here.

Also, for more information on Redact and its capabilities, go to

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