How Redact makes you safer in an increasingly surveilled internet

Ki James
Ki James
June 24th, 2021

On June 14th of 2021, the Irish government passed a new law allowing them to force citizens to turn over their phone’s password during and investigation. While this was likely passed with the best of intentions, it sets a dangerous precedent for privacy and security for people around the world.

The frontiers of online privacy

It’s been shown in polls that 97% of Americans believe they have a human right to having their online presence be private, and so do we. The struggle to provide users with more control and security can be very difficult, and even sometimes feels hopeless. However, there are many steps you can take by yourself to keep your footprint more safe.

Companies like DuckDuckGo and ProtonMail are both easily accessible wonderful options to start better practices with your online presence; however, they only protect your data after you start using them. Redact is unique in that it protects you from your past self.

Protect your Past with Redact

Redact allows you to mass delete, remove, unsend, and otherwise destroy anything and everything you’ve ever posted on all the biggest social and professional platforms. You’re able to delete only specific types of posts, posts that contain specific words or phrases, any many more options purely tailored to the platform in question.

Redact is also entirely discreet and private, and we don’t locally download or track any information from you, such as usernames, passwords, or the posts that Redact deletes. Your information is safe with us, and after it’s deleted, it’s safe from everybody.

Download Redact today!

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