How Redact keeps you safe on the internet

Ki James
Ki James
November 27th, 2021

Over the last several months, we’ve written numerous articles about a wide number of topics in online privacy. These range from major events to the number of different threats you face day to day. With all that in mind, how does Redact fit into the equation? Do we make your information safer? Howso?

The greatest threat of all

In many cases, information that exposes who you are, where you live, and other revealing information is posted freely by yourself at different points in time. This may be hard to believe, but you can actually try it out yourself

Here’s a reddit tool that looks at your post history and guesses things about you based on that information alone.

If you are surprised by how much the site gets right, then you are one of the people affected by the greatest security threat of all - yourself.

Beyond security

More than just leaving comments that pose a security risk, the other contents of your posts can be dangerous for other, totally unrelated reasons. This is even true for people with accounts not explicitly linked to them in any way.

If your Twitter or Reddit account ever gets linked back to your real identity, then all the things said on that account are also by extension attached to you. For some people, this may not be alarming; however, if you’ve had your account for a significant amount of time, you’re almost sure to have said things best kept separate from your real life affairs.

Redact to the rescue!

It’s important to clean your post history from time to time. In many cases, simply deleting your account will leave fragments behind that are still able to be traced back to you. The only way to be really sure that you aren’t leaving revealing or harmful breadcrumbs around the internet is to delete it all.

That’s where Redact comes in! We are the only platform that lets you mass remove posts on every major social network, and the only platform that allows you to delete your messages on platforms like Skype. This spread of features will make you safer in more ways than one.

To get started, go to, and cleanse your posts as soon as possible.

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