How to mass delete Discord messages with Redact

Ki James
Ki James
May 6th, 2021

Redact offers a powerful set of tools that help you to clear your discord chats en masse with the click of just a few buttons. Gone are the days of tediously combing through everything you’ve ever sent, or downloading shady scripts from random sources on the internet. With redact, you can delete all your inconvenient messages in 4 easy steps!

1. Downloading and Installing Redact

First, you need to make an account with Redact. We value your privacy just as much as you do, and therefore have made it impossible for anybody, including us, to see your account’s username, password, or any other information that may reveal your identity. After creating an account, you simply need to download the client at, and install it like any other application.

2. Connecting to Discord

Next, connect your Redact account to your Discord. This process is as simple as logging into your Discord profile inside our launcher. It is all very discreet, and you won’t have to worry about your friends seeing you use our application.

redact delete discord messages login

3. Picking the settings

Redact is a powerful and precise tool that gives you a tremendous amount of customization. You can select what server or DM you want to clear chats from, what timeframe you want gone, and even the specific kinds of messages you want to delete, such as image embeds or links. Using our preview tool, you can play around with all these settings and more until you find exactly the kinds of messages you want gone.

redact delete discord messages options

4. Redact!

Finally, with the click of a single button, Redact will mass delete all your messages. They cannot be recovered or viewed by normal means, and will leave your record as spotless as if you never used Discord at all.

redact delete discord messages deletion

Any embarrassing DMs you sent, any links you posted, any smack you talked, all gone in seconds. No other service provides such an intuitive, powerful, and precise tool for getting the next chapter in your life started without a hitch.

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