You can’t trust Facebook with your Internet Privacy

Ki James
May 23th, 2021
cleaner for instagram

Recently, news broke that somebody discovered an exploit allowing them to view archived and hidden posts from other users on Instagram, invading their privacy. While the person who discovered it did report this bug to Facebook, the story could have gone very differently if he had been more unscrupulous.

This story, as well as many others, goes to show that keeping your digital footprint secure is increasingly difficult.

Protect your digital footprint with Redact

Redact strives to put power into your hands directly. We understand the immense importance of data privacy and security, and want to make sure that all our users have as much control over their online presence as possible.

We allow you to control exactly what’s been posted in your name. Many people have accounts that are more than a decade old, and things they may have posted or messaged in 2013 could pose a serious threat to your current self in one way or another.

How Redact works

Redact allows you to control what’s been posted in your name by mass deleting old posts from every source possible. The goal is for our users to never again have to worry about things they posted when they were younger, in a different life position, or any other possibility. In addition to this, we allow our users to schedule deletions on regular intervals, so that nothing they post floats around for too long.

With these tools in hand, Redact allows you an unprecedented amount of control and power over your online privacy, and what information people can take from you.

Download Redact today!

To get control of your digital footprint today, go here to download the client and experiment with its features and capabilities. If you have any questions, feel free to visit our discord as well!