Trash old Tweets with Redact

Ki James
May 27th, 2021

Not all tweets age gracefully, and you may find yourself in a situation where getting rid of some spicy comments you made years ago is suddenly a big problem. While most people immediately want to know how to delete their Twitter account, there is a better option with Redact! You no longer have to part with old precious memories when it comes time to purge your past.

Specify what you want deleted with our advanced, intuitive filters

Redact allows you to mass delete tweets in a way no other service on the internet can. We give you the power to be both surgically precise and totally holistic when it comes time to choose what you want wiped from the internet forever.

You can select a specific timeframe you want removed, if you want to remove only tweets containing certain keywords, and even certain keywords you want to whitelist. In addition to this specificity, we also allow you to just nuke everything, and completely delete all your tweets.

Delete Tweets, Retweets, and Likes

Redact gives you more than just the power to mass remove tweets; you can also delete retweets and even likes - all using the same system of switches and settings to specify what you want removed. With Redact, you can be sure to only remove what’s absolutely necessary from your Twitter, whatever that may be.

Preview or Schedule, then Redact!

After you’re specified everything that you want to delete, you can give it a quick lookover with Preview Mode, and then start Redacting! If you don’t want to remove everything right away, you can schedule it to occur at a different time or date using our inbuilt calendar.

We offer more than just the best tool to delete all your tweets and retweets, though. Redact is set on providing an unprecedented amount of power and control to our users. You can take control of your internet privacy with our suite of other supported services.

If you want to get control of your internet presence today, you can the app here to start experimenting with our features for yourself! If you want a better idea about what other services we offer on different Social Media applications, go to find out more!

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