Redact’s Newest Service - Skype

Ki James
July 2nd, 2021

The Redact Team is excited to finally launch support for our next social media service - Skype! Skype is a legendary interactive platform that defined an entire era of online communication, and its footprint on the internet cannot be understated.

We wanted to provide you with the same unprecedented amount of control over your Skype history as all our other services, and with Redact, you can perfectly tailor and prune your message history on that platform.

What you can delete

Redact allows you to delete any messages you’ve sent to anybody across every conversation you’ve been in. You can specify whether you want to remove everything that contains certain keywords that you provide, as well as the date and time the messages were sent. You can even schedule future deletions if you want to strategically remove sections at certain times!

Download Redact today!

To try this out for yourself, go to to install the client today! You can also try out all our other amazing services to regain control of your internet presence today!

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