Redact’s Newest Service - Email

Ki James
July 1st, 2021

Redact is thrilled to announce the next platform that we’re supporting - Email, or more specifically, IMAP! IMAP is basically a set of instructions for retrieving email messages, and it’s used by nearly every email provider. We won’t be able to delete your mail until you set up IMAP with your inbox, but doing that is relatively simple.

Here are a few links to help you set up IMAP access.

How Redact deletes your Emails

When you click on the IMAP service in the Redact client, you’ll have to fill out all the relevant information based on your provider. After you do that, it’s just as simple and intuitive as all our other services! Redact is able to powerfully and capably sort through all of your emails, and gives you the ability to delete them en masse according to your specific needs.

You can delete all emails containing specific keywords, anything that was sent during a given time frame, and more! You can also set up deletions to occur at regular intervals, that way you can automatically get rid of old mail after it reaches a certain age.

Download Redact today!

To start experimenting with these tools, go to to install the client! There’s no login required, and you get access to our complete suite of supported services for free!

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