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Ki James
May 10, 2021

Social Media is very fast moving, and over the years, certain comments or posts you’ve left can become inconvenient for one reason or another. We here at Redact recognize that, and want to provide you with all the necessary tools to start over. We want to give you an unprecedented amount of control over your online privacy and confidentiality in a single, intuitive platform.

Spring Clean your Handles

Redact gives you control over your online presence by allowing you to rapidly and discreetly clean up and remove old posts on whatever social media platforms you’re active on. Other automatic scripts that mass delete posts are often derelict, barely functioning messes that would only work for a single platform, assuming you could even get it running in the first place. Redact offers you the simplicity of manual deletion at a fraction of the time, without the hassle of fixing somebody’s old sloppy code.

Powerful and Customizable Client

Our application provides you with a unique set of tools where you can fine tune exactly what you want wiped from the record. For instance, you can choose to only remove text posts on Reddit that you made in January of 2015, or just image embeds that you posted in a single Discord server, or even having everything you’ve ever tweeted in your entire life nuked entirely.

Moreover, we give you the option to review what’s being removed before it’s gone, so that nothing gets caught in the crossfire. You can even schedule regular deletions at whatever intervals you find most convenient as a permanent solution to keeping your information private from social media platforms.

Whether your needs are hyper specific or generally applicable, whether you want regular purges or just need a one time do-over, Redact is able to get everything spick and span in practically no time at all.

Nearly Universal

Additionally, Redact is operational on more than six social media platforms, including Discord, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Pinterest, and more. We’re also always looking to expand our influence, and you can expect to see us around more and more as we continue to grow and help people like you regain their privacy and security.

Have Questions?

For any other concerns you may have, feel free to look at our FAQ or download the client today and start experimenting with our host of options!

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