How to Quickly Reset your Gmail Password if it becomes Compromised

Jamie Kavanagh
June 3rd, 2022

Passwords are not the most secure methods of protecting your data but they are all most services offer have right now, aside from 2FA. If you are notified of a hack or become aware that your Gmail account may have been compromised, you need to change your password fast.

Gmail is a pretty secure system but there is no such thing as complete security.

Plus, we all have a tendency to share passwords between accounts, especially if we come up with a particularly good one.

If one of the accounts using a shared password is compromised, it’s time to change all of them. Starting with Gmail.

As our email accounts are at the center of things, it’s logical to change that password first and move on to the others later.

Here’s how.

Reset your Gmail password

The exact steps may differ depending on whether you’re using desktop or phone, but the following always works for us!

  1. Log into Google, not Gmail
  2. Select Security and find Signing into Google
  3. Select Password and enter your current password
  4. Enter a brand new, unique password and select Next
  5. Confirm your new password and select Next
  6. Select the blue Change Password button

Your password will now be changed and any apps you have or any Google products you may use will now require you to log in.

Reset your Gmail password if it has been lost or changed

If you have forgotten your Gmail password or it has been changed by a hack, all is not lost. You can change it easily using these steps.

  1. Navigate to the Gmail login page
  2. Select Forgot password and enter the last password you remember
  3. Log into the email account you have set as your recovery email address
  4. Locate the email from Google and copy the 6 digit code
  5. Enter the code in the Account Recovery window and select Next
  6. Reset your password following the wizard that appears

As long as you copied the code correctly, you should see the Gmail change password wizard that will walk you through changing the password.

Once done, you should have secured your Gmail account once more.

We would now recommend setting up two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of protection!

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