Delete your Reddit Posts and Comments with Redact

Ki James
May 15, 2021

If you want a fresh start on Reddit, there’s no need for you to run out and entirely delete your account. After all, your username is very clever, and there all those cool posts that you’d be sad to part from forever, not to mention all your hard earned karma. Additionally, deleting your account doesn’t actually remove all the posts, so there’s still a permanent record of anything regrettable you’ve typed.

Manually slogging your way through your entire history would be a nightmare, but that’s nothing compared to the headache of getting undocumented and often broken scripts running and deleting properly, not to mention not accidentally deleting things you want to keep.

The solution is Redact! We allow you to quickly and easily start over on Reddit without even needing to make a new account. You can precisely select what posts you want removed, and never have to fear the downvotes again.

Delete by Subreddit

You can select any and all Subreddits you want targeted. You simply type the name of the Sub into a search bar, such as “The_Donald,” and hit enter. You can add as many subreddits to this list as you want, and easily prune and expand it according to your preferences.

Delete by Date

Redact offers a powerful tool where you choose the exact timeframe you want to target. You can delete everything before a given date by inputting only the end date, everything after a given date by inputting only the start date, or delete only the comments made in a certain window by inputting both.

Focus on Content

With Redact, you have the power to delete posts and comments based on words or phrases that appear either in the title or body. For instance, if I want to delete every comment containing the phrase, “financial advice,” I could simply punch it in the text box, and Redact will handle the rest.

Infinite Control

In addition to all this, you can choose to select only text posts, only image posts, or even just comments. Combined with the previous features, this allows you to be surgically precise with your selection.

Start New

If profile surgery just isn’t your thing, you can just entirely nuke your reddit history instead. By leaving everything blank, Redact will leave no survivors when the time finally comes for removal.


After you give it a quick look over with the preview and fine tune your settings, there’s just one button left to click. With one swift finger motion, your deepest, darkest, most regrettable posts and comments are scoured from history. No need for you to deactivate your reddit account, no need to scour the internet for a script that requires 20 steps to get working, and definitely no need for you to remove reddit entirely.

That being said, if you do end up deciding to delete your reddit account, you should still nuke it all with Redact. Reddit does not remove your comments after your account gets removed, and it’s still possible people can trace any posts back to you.

Waste no time, and head over to to try out all these features for yourself!

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