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Ki James
July 27th, 2021

The Redact Team is proud and excited to talk about the six new services we’ve officially released support for - Disqus, Letterboxd, MyAnimeList, StackExchange, Tiktok, and Wordpress! We want to take a look at each one, see what they have to offer, and review what risk they can pose if left unsecured.

If you have any technical questions or concerns, more detailed information regarding Redact’s functionalities can be found at Additionally, you can get directly in contact with the development team at


Disqus is a comment hosting service utilized by dozens of the most popular news sites, blogs, and wikis. Millions of users leave comments on Disqus every day, and we want to provide all of them with complete control over their footprint.

Data Mining with Disqus

On Disqus’s website, they describe how they mine information from their users to give to site owners and advertisers. This is frightening behavior considering the volume of information Disqus has access to.

Every comment you’ve ever posted on any blog, news site, wiki, and more is suspect to being scrutinized and used to form a profile on you. This is a security risk that Redact takes very seriously, and wants to provide a solution to.

What you can delete from Disqus with Redact

Redact is able to mass delete your entire comment repertoire on Disqus. More than just a total sweep, you can also narrow your selection to be as specific as you like. For instance, you can choose to only delete comments containing the word “sugar” that you made in September of 2013, or every comment older than 2 weeks, recurring every 2 weeks.

All these features and more allow you to be totally in charge over what companies can mine from your comment history on any website using Disqus to manage its comments.


Letterbox is a social media platform built around discovering, rating, and discussing movies. It allows users to customize their accounts with their favorite and least favorite films, and gives them simple statistics about what other users watch and like.

The website is used by thousands of movie enthusiasts worldwide, and is a wonderful tool for people to express their tastes and opinions, and even connect with others of similar tastes.

What you can delete from Letterboxd with Redact

Redact’s support for Letterbox is extensive and powerful, allowing you to be either totally indiscriminate or surgically precise. Here are just some of the things that you can delete with Redact.

Lists Likes Reviews Ratings

Additionally, all of these selections can be further specified with dates, times, and even title content. For instance, if you want to delete the fact that you liked every review for all the movies that contained the word “Marsupial,” you can absolutely do that. On the other extreme, you can delete all of your account activity altogether.

My Anime List

My Anime List, commonly shortened to MAL, is a massive database for Anime and Manga. In addition to this, it also maintains a large, active community that rates, reviews, and discusses a wide range of topics related to Anime on the website.

What you can delete from MAL with Redact

With Redact, you can delete any shows or Manga that you’ve added to your list, your blog posts, and also any reviews you’ve left. You can choose to delete only things that contain certain keywords, only delete within a certain date, or schedule future deletions. The entire suite of features available for all Redact services is also available for My Anime List!

Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is a widely used website that allows users to ask and answer questions on a variety of topics, namely those related to programming. The website is a vitally important part of the workflows of millions of programmers, and we want to provide all those users total control over their presence on the website!

Why Stack Exchange?

Stack Exchange has been around for more than a decade, and so online clutter is bound to be a problem. Sometimes in the heat of a moment, we post revealing information without putting too much thought into it, or maybe are overly hostile to another user on a bad day.

The last thing you want is for a momentary decision to follow you around for the rest of your life, and with Redact, you’re able to reclaim control over your presence on Stack Exchange with a powerful set of tools.

What you can delete

Redact allows you to mass remove all your questions and answers on the entire website. You can specify to only delete things that contain specific keywords, that were posted on a specific date, and more! Additionally, Redact allows you to schedule deletions to occur at regular intervals.


TikTok has become an extremely important platform, giving a voice for an entire generation of people worldwide to express themselves. With a full quarter of these users being between the ages of 10 and 19 according to, it’s extremely important that these young people not face massive long term consequences for having their information compromised at an early age.

We want to give our users the ability to wipe away anything they may have posted on the website for whatever reason, and give them more privacy and security than ever before!

Privacy on TikTok

In June of 2021, TikTok unveiled a new privacy policy that allows them to “collect biometric identifiers and biometric information” from content they’ve posted. This is extremely alarming news, considering how often sensitive information about users is routinely and consistently leaked by tech companies.

You can absolutely not rely on good will and competence to keep information as important as our voice and likeness from falling into the hands of bad actors considering the track record, and the best way to keep this information secure is to not allow it to exist in the first place.

What you can delete

Redact is able to keep you safe on TikTok by mass deleting any videos you’ve posted on the platform, as well as any comments you’ve left. The Redact client also lets you delete anything made within a specific time window, that contains keywords, and more! You can even schedule future deletions if you want to progressively delete old content.


We are thrilled to announce the release of our next service - Wordpress! Wordpress is a blogging website that has been the creative outlet for millions worldwide, and blogs of all kinds have been posted there over the years.

We want to provide all Wordpress users the ability to control their history on the platform, and safeguard themselves into the future.

What you can delete

Redact allows you to delete your blog content rapidly and cleanly. You can also use the client’s powerful set of tools to specify precisely what kinds of blogs you want to delete, such as those containing certain keywords, or those that were published in a certain window of time. Additionally, you’re able to sunset old blogs by scheduling deletions to take place into the future at regular intervals.

Download Redact Today!

If you want to use Redact on any or all of these brand new services, go to to install the client today! You’ll have access to every feature talked about in this article, as well as every other service we support for free!

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